Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Right after I got married, I was left with an abundance of clear marbles, flat marbles that had been used in my centerpieces. My wonderful Aunt Sally, told me of a friend that was having a boutique in her parents AMAZING home. Do any of you remember this?I participated for several years eventually moving on to sewing bags and kid stuff. One day I got really sick of it and I decided I didn't want to do boutiques anymore. After I had kids it was too tricky to keep up. They are a lot of work and while I always made my money back, I never really made more than enough to take my family out to dinner and then buy the next fabric stash.

Anyway, I have quite a few friends that are making a decent living off of this kind of stuff and I'm giving props to them for it. Below is my dear Suzanne and her sister Aimee at Craft Lake City last month. Aimee and I went to Ricks together and were great friends right away. Her lil' sis Suzanne is my bro Tim's age and I just wanted them to get married. Well - they are good friends, but not spouses. I digress... Suzanne just won ANOTHER great award for being a local fashion genius! She makes all sorts of cute things and sells them online and at markets/boutiques. Go buy a cute shirt here! As a side note, Aimee is obsessed with Pyrex and puppies. :)

My sister Lyn and my mom rocked the fair and won blue ribbons with their creations in Weber County (all I got was one blurry pic of my mom). I wish you could see this dress close up. The detail is unbelievable.

Then I have my Sister in law Missy, graphic artist extraordinaire. I don't have a pic of her, but here is a link to her cute Etsy shop, Lil' Miss Missy Boutique. I have a few of her prints, but my favorite is the Princess & the Pea that hangs in Piper's room.

I have so many other crafty friends. I love being surrounded by them all. They (along with this almost Fall weather) make me want to more. If you are one of my crafty friends, follow me on Pinterest and lets get inspired together. AND... leave me a comment and I'll add your blog to my list.

Love you all! Let's get our glitter on!

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