Sunday, August 19, 2012


Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day cleaning and organizing my office. I was completely buried under a pile of paper and toys (read: When I work a lot, my kids relocate to the office and play at my feet. I really should take a picture next time it happens. I know it will happen again because I can't stay on top of my cleaning, or work for that matter). It isn't a cute office/craft room like I see all over Pinterest, but it is tidy and functional. (after looking at these photos, I need more uniform storage containters... that would help)

The only decor I have in the entire room... and some printers.

Computer, Cricut Cartridges, adhesives, scrapbook embellishments, buttons, punches, work stuff

Sewing and Cutting station (or kids area for when they join me)

Ribbon holder (that is usually on the back of the door), fabric, paper, In the dresser I store yarn and office supplies. I need to figure out what to do with that ironing board.

Overall I think it works for me... It is really dark in there, though. I have 3 different lamps to use depending on where I am sitting.

And - because I was recently released as Primary President, I now have Sunday mornings to craft away. So Pippy gets to wear a new dress to church today.

Pattern: New Look 6695
Fabric: Riley Blake
Trim: Neon Orange for sale by the Yard at JoAnn

Thursday, August 16, 2012


This time of year is extremely busy for me at work. As mentioned before, I work for Carone Fitness. Because school is starting we have a lot to get ready for clients. Last week I worked over 60 hours and this week I am well on my way to getting there again... at times like this I feel like there is no end in sight. I know... I know... wawa! I have to work full time like a real person, but I just haven't really worked a 40 hour work week in about 5 years. But I've worked 3 40 hour weeks in only 2 weeks time. I'm tired. I had to leave my office yesterday before my butt came one with my chair. I went to a spin class, mowed the lawn, harvested the garden, and started sorting laundry (the time to hesitate is through - we're out of clean underwear around here!). Then I actually made my kids lunch, even though they prefer the bag of chips I've been throwing at them lately AND went to a wedding reception AND went to see Step Up Revolution (good company, terrible movie). Whew - it felt great to get out of my house but I was welcomed back to reality when I checked my email this morning.

I just wanted to take you on a photo tour of what happens when a mom does nothing but work for 2 weeks strait...

I'm pretty sure it is after noon - still in jammies and sitting in a pile of my hoard. I'm moved Mike's computer in my office so I could spend some 'quality time' with my kids while I work.

My cucumbers got huge and turned yellow. I ate one for breakfast. It tasted just fine... just had a lot of seeds.

A sink full of crooked neck squash - in fact, enough to feed all of the pilgrims and Indians. Who wants some? I'm the only one that eats is around here.

See that cute mail/paper organizer I made! Oh wait... at least they are off of the counter.

All of the laundry in the house has been gathered and semi separated. Now I need to finish sorting and start washing. I should probably make my bed while I am it.

What toy organizers?

Lego Lego Everywhere.

My kids can clean their own rooms, but I have to get them started. So there you have it folks... I've had a one track mind lately. GET MY WORK DONE! Things will go back to normal in a few weeks.

PS. I was tempted to show you the stack of soda cans and 7-11 cups that have collected in my office. It could rival a beer can tower in a frat house. I'll spare you the visual because I'm classy like that... and I don't want to be nominated for Hoarders.

Friday, August 10, 2012


My workload is INSANE right now. INSANE. By Wednesday I had already worked over 40 hours. I don't know how you work-aholics do it. It is not the life for me.

I took a little break from my work this morning and went to Material Girls and took advantage of their sale. Today and tomorrow all Fat Quarters are on sale 20 for $30. Woot! I've been looking at some Halloween fabric but didn't want to pay over $10 a yard for it. This is perfect because I just needed little bits of each.

Now I have some motivation to get to the bottom of my desk and task list so I can get stitching!

:: END OF 8 WEEKS ::

So my second 8 Weeks were not as successful as my first 8 Weeks. I took a little trip to Idaho Falls and had a little set back. Last week we had a family reunion in Lake Tahoe, NV. SO FUN, but not completely diet friendly. However, my weight is still down and I am excited. From the beginning of the year I am 54 lbs lighter and still feel great. I had to lose 6 lbs twice, so technically I've lost 60 lbs. I can't count that though. Thanks for the support. I hope some of you were successful, too.
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