Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Thanks, KIM, for sending this along. While I watch this, I think I am listening to a recording (except of course, this is a WAY MORE cleaver version of what I would be saying to myself!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thrilled & Relieved

So, I just got a call from Mike's cousins that they have just landed safely in Salt Lake and they'll be home withing an hour. That means... I GET TO SLEEP IN MY OWN BED TONIGHT!! WAHOOOOOOO!

1. Miss DottieAngel herself liked my story about my grandmother Lola so much that she named her door after her. Now I get a little prize. I look forward to reading several blogs each day, but I must say, I ALWAYS read what Tif has to say. Every photo she posts is amazing and she makes absolutely beautiful stuff. If you've never read what she calls "ramblings", you must take a peak.

2. Mike just got pre-screening tickets for Harry Potter for a few days before opening. OH MY. For years I refused to read these books thinking they were children's fantasy - which I normally despise. It is just SO NOT my thing. While I was on maternity leave and recovering from my C-Section, I started reading book one and read the first four within a week. As you know I've recently reread them and I now I am bursting to see the next moving and read the final book. I officially declare myself a "POT"ter HEAD (and a total nerd).

I just heard the garage door!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Own Bed

Since Thursday morning, we've been staying at Mike's cousin's house with their children while they go to her brother's wedding in Washington, D.C. I'm jealous. I love D.C. and wish I could visit often. I just want to go to Eastern Market (is that what it is called?) on Capitol Hill every Saturday morning. Of course, last time it was pouring rain so I could only pause for short moments to look at all of the neat treasures. Anyway... we're on day 4 of the the 6 day stay in Casa del Carone and I am starting to miss my bed. Luckily, these kids are great and Cohen is getting along with them very well. It is just a little hard to be displaced for an entire week and the commute to downtown (for Mike) is LOOOONG!

While being away from my "stuff", I have started longing to make something. I can't believe I didn't bring something to work on. Not that having 3 kids under age 5 leaves much time for crafting, but they go to be early enough.

All of my pictures of what I have been working on are on my computer at home, but I have leave you with a few links:

Needle books for SSS9 on
Outside of Needle books
Inside of Needle books

I'll be back on Wednesday (after a restful sleep in my own bed)!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Big B, Little B, What Begins With B?

Baby Bailee Berg...B,B,B

My photos are BACK... I guess 'back' also begins with B. (I knew Mike could fix it...*waves*...Thanks Dear!) Did any of you read that Dr. Seuss book? I sure loved it. My other favorite it "Wocket in My Pocket." I'm so glad it is one of Cohen's favorites, too.

I made this blanket for my friend Steph. She is due to have little Bailee on Friday by scheduled C-Section. Her older son Aidan is a little older than Cohen, but we both had crashing emergency C-Sections with our 9+ pound sons three years ago. As baby Bailee is measuring big, she has decided not to risk it. I don't blame her.

This blanket measures 40x40 inches. It really turned out cute and I used the most amazing batting. I wish I saved the packaging, because I'd like to find it again. I bought it at the Hobby Lobby in town. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. The middle appliqué is a bit stiff, but I think after a few washing the fusible webbing will break down a bit (I hope).

I've only done one other hand binding on a quilt before. My edges are a little messy. I need to learn how to do that. And...yes, of course I picked the best edge to photograph. I know you do it, too!

The shower was fun. I hope I have another little one soon. I forget how little those little ones are. Anyway, it is family night and I have mint brownies (What Diet?) in the oven. Gotta run!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bad Bad Blogger

I know I am not the only one that has started a blog with this title. I have excuses... I really do. I think they are valid, too!

1. I got a new camera and the software is not loading properly on my Mac or PC. ERGH! I need my computer whiz (read: husband Mike) to help me.

2. I'm working! Well, I'm doing a lot of part-time stuff and it is taking a lot of my time. I'm enjoying the work, however, it is almost 1:00 am and I am still not done with the editing that needs to be done tomorrow. I'm not enjoying that part.

3. I'm completing my goal of hanging out with friends AND sewing. Often I try to to kill two birds with one stone, but it doesn't always work. I've become acquainted with some nice new ladies in my apartment complex and they have kids about Cohen's age. YAY!

4. So, this gal Nicki that lives a few buildings over came over last week and said, "LET ME ORGANIZE YOUR HOUSE!" She loves it. At first I was slightly taken back by it, but it really will make us all happy if I let her. Last week, she took all of my fabric - YES ALL OF IT!! - and folded it so it is all the same size. She organized it by fat quarters, yardage, and stuff I need to hang because it wouldn't fold down. This is an entire post in itself, because you have got to see the color coordinated folded goodness. Yes... these pics are trapped in my camera, too!

5. Cohen loves the computer, especially Charlie and Lola's maze game. If I hop on the computer, he thinks it is an invitation to sit on my lap and play the game. Silly boy. So, I am saving most of my computer time for after his bed time or when Daddy is home to distract him.

I tell you, once I get that camera software up and running, I'll be posting like a MANIAC! Yahoo!
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