Thursday, July 30, 2009

:: HE'S 5 ::

(blowing out the ScoobyDoo candle... I am so prepared)

I found the birthday pics. Whew... they were in the file with my writing samples I send out with my resume. Hmmm?

Cohen had decided he wanted a party with a "Jellyfish" theme. We figured water and a jellyfish cake would suffice. I bought and organized everything, and Mike made the cake and entertained the kids. Just the way I like it.

(The firing squad)

This was a really funny bunch of boys. They all did so great together and there was no crying. We bought them all squirt guns and filled up 200+ balloons, filled up a pool and hooked up the slip n' slide. They took care of themselves.

(The squirt guns were Mike's idea)

Mike was the ring leader. They chased him for 15 minutes having the best time.

(The gifts... and Cohen's plumber bum.)

(Water gun wars in action)

Overall the party was a success. Cohen said it was "TOTALLY AWESOME" and that is all that really matters. We love that he is five because now we don't have to tell him how many days until his birthday.
:: 4 MONTHS ::

Here she is... all 17 lbs of her.

PS. Cohen did turn 5 last week. I cannot find the pics on my computer anywhere and I am just sick because I've already deleted them from my camera. UGH... I'll keep looking.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


So now that we're approaching Utah's celebration of July 24th, I guess today I might as well tell you about our July 4th trip. My brother Jeff was blessing his new baby that weekend so we decided to make a trip out of it. I'll just post the festivities in chronological order.


I loaded up Mike's parents Subaru, picked Mike up at work, and then headed out to Boise. Both kids were such troopers and traveled so well.


We met Bridger Reed for the first time. He is a darling little boy. Here are Piper and Bridger ready for our day at the beach. I am glad Piper will have a cousin her age just like Cohen has a bunch his age.

This is Remington. We picked strawberries out of Jeff and Heather's garden for delicious pancakes. Heather made the best syrup.

1/2 cup butter
1 Cup Sugar
3/4 Cup Buttermilk (or soured milk using lemons)

Bring this mixture to boil. Then add 1 teaspoon of baking soda before serving. Oh my... lip smacking!

While we finished up breakfast we started packing for a day in McCall. What was supposed to take 2 hours, ended up taking 6. We got to see everything along the road. :-)

We stopped at Horseshoe Bend pond for lunch. The kids had all fallen asleep and were a little cranky. But they had fun playing in the sand for a few minutes before we had to get back in the car.

We went to a little beach right in town (McCall is home to Payette Lake). I lived in McCall when I was Cohen's age. I don't really remember much about it, but there are little parts. Jeff says my mom used to take us to this beach all of the time. I remember going to play in the lake but that is about it. Jeff and Mike played in the freezing water while Heather and I stayed on the beach with the babies.

The kids would have played in the sand until dark if we'd have let them. Cohen was a little nervous of the water so he would not take his floaties off.

After we played in the lake we went for ice cream and then headed to the campground for dinner. Because July 4th weekend is ridiculously crowded in McCall, we headed back towards Donnely and camped at Cascade.

I love the beautiful Idaho mountain meadows.

our campsite was beautiful, but there were so many mosquitoes. We built enough fire to cook a hotdog and a s'more and then hid in our tent for the evening.

As you can see, we really know how to rough it.

Mike and Cohen looking across the lake at the cabins on the other side.

Both kids slept all night and it was wonderful. I can't wait to take them camping again soon.


On Saturday morning you would have never known there were billions of mosquitoes the night before. We took a walk around the campground before cleaning up. I wish that dumb kid wouldn't have been so convinced to just stand there and keep asking "what are you doing?" so I could have taken a nice pic of Mike and Cohen on the docks.

We headed back to Nampa because Jeff was having a barbecue before the fireworks that evening. After checking into the hotel (Thanks Pops! Those beds were so comfortable after sleeping the night before on the ground).

After finding out the place Jeff wanted to take us wasn't doing their firework display that year, we headed to Boise and parked in the parking lot of a bar across from the baseball stadium. We made s'mores again and had a great time.


After a beautiful blessing for Bridger, we headed back to Jeff's house to let the kids play a little longer before we headed home. It was a wonderful trip and I hope they'll let us come back next year. Whattaya say, Jeff and Heather?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Now that is what I call awesome.

Does "to" need two o's? This post is off to a poor start. I've been in a funky mood all week and I don't know why. I guess we had such a great vacation (next post) and I just realized how boring the everyday stuff can be. So, my bad mood will pass and so will my barrette making obsession.

For Bea and Ryan's new little June Bug.

For the Smyth Twins - Summer and Zoe

For Mandy and Garrett's soon to arrive Nora/Norah?

For Brandon and Bridget's yet to be named daughter.

I think I got those all correct. Anyway, it is fun and addicting and just takes a glue gun and scrapbook findings. I LOVE IT! Poor Piper has an over abundance. I'm out of control.

Monday, July 06, 2009


For the most part, baby blankets are my go-to baby gifts (However, I am on a barrette kick now, so sorry if you'd rather have a blanket. Throw me hints... I'll make you a blanket.). My dear friend Erin had a sweet little baby girl last month and I wanted to make her something that showed her how much she means to me as a friend. First let me give you a background...

As a 21 year-old, I decided to serve a mission for the LDS church. I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing at all, but I turned in my papers and got a call to serve in Florida. I was very very nervous about going and knew that having a good companion to help train me was going to be a crucial part of my experience (It is always easier to blame someone else when things don't go the way as planned, right?). I went to the MTC and had an okay time. I figured most people have a 'okay' time at the MTC so I didn't let it account to much. I arrived in Florida and wondered what I had gotten myself into. Seriously, I was ready to turn around. I spent my first night in the mission home with tear filled eyes. The next morning all of my doubts and fears went away as I met Sister Erin Enke. She greeted me with a hug and bright red fingernails. I was thrilled. Erin and I had a great few months together and formed a lifelong friendship. Since we've both been home, we've spent only a handful of days together. But I'll never forget how wonderful and patient she was with me. She was fantastic and she loved Peeps and Cadbury Mini Eggs more than I do. I love those friends that feel as if you've never spent a day apart even though you haven't seen them for years.

This blanket is easy but can look so fantastic if you choose the right color scheme. With this version, I cut 3 1/4" strips of fabric in various lengths and sewed them together in one continuous piece. I then cut 40" strips and made enough to get a 40" width when sewn together to make a square. After basting the quilt, I just rand the blanket through my machine on the seams to quilt it. Easy peasy. I feel that the 'fanciness' comes through the binding. It doesn't matter what your quilt top and bottom look like. When you have a nice hand stitched hem, it really finished the quilt. Heather Bailey and You Tube both have fantastic tutorials for this type of binding.

Anyway, there you go, Erin! I hope you and Lucy enjoy it! Good luck on your motherhood adventures. :)

Thursday, July 02, 2009


In a few short hours we're headed to Boise for a visit with my brother's family. We're going camping near McCall - where I lived from age 1 to 5 - and to play in the Payette Lake on the beach. Burrr.... mountain lake water. Cohen will love it.

I made Piper some head gear the size of the National Firework show using this tutorial. I swore I'd never put giant bows and flowers on her sweet little head, but what better way is there to show America how much you love her than dressing up your kid in Americana fashion?

Have a safe and happy weekend. I am just so excited to be going somewhere.
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