Thursday, July 02, 2009


In a few short hours we're headed to Boise for a visit with my brother's family. We're going camping near McCall - where I lived from age 1 to 5 - and to play in the Payette Lake on the beach. Burrr.... mountain lake water. Cohen will love it.

I made Piper some head gear the size of the National Firework show using this tutorial. I swore I'd never put giant bows and flowers on her sweet little head, but what better way is there to show America how much you love her than dressing up your kid in Americana fashion?

Have a safe and happy weekend. I am just so excited to be going somewhere.


Julie Summerhays said...

She looks ADORABLE!!! Have a great trip - you deserve it!!

Tanya said...

I hope you guys have a great time! I'm glad to see you blogging again.

Terra Bingham said...

I hope you have fun this weekend! Piper looks so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lori! It's Shar... so I was just camping in McCall Idaho this weekend too! Wish I would have ran into you guys at the firework show or at the lake...haven't seen you forever:) Anyway, just wanted to share. Piper is so cute!

olivemylove said...

Piper is beautiful. Your birth story was amazing. Congrats on having the experience you wanted. That is awesome.

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