Tuesday, July 24, 2012

:: WEEK 7-8 FOOD LIST ::

WEEK 7-8: Add a 1-2 portions of whole grains. Oatmeal, steel cut oats, wheat tortillas, whole grain toast with your eggs. 

YO! We're almost there. However, I cheated last week so I don't feel like I should to move on to the next stage. BREAD IS SO GOOD!


So, I didn't post last week. Not because I didn't lose any weight, but I actually forgot. Well, I'd remember when I wasn't at my computer and then I'd forget. So, last weekend I went on a binge. Not sure why, I just did. We went on a trip to Idaho Falls Friday - Sunday and I ate what I wanted. I came back for my Monday weigh-in and I was up 3 WHOLE LBS. Lame! So last week I concentrated on losing those 3 lbs. I lost 2.5 lbs last week so I feel almost okay about it. It is just a minor set back.

Hanging out by the falls

Chasing Squirrels

playing Frogger
at the pool
Growing up near Idaho Falls, I never really took the time to explore it. We just wen to IF to go to the mall and Taco Bell (they didn't have one in Rexburg until after I left). It is a cool little town. We got a hotel downtown by the green belt and explored downtown. We visiting some fun shops and a farmers market. Our main purpose in going was to visit Mike's Aunt Sue is battling cancer. She looked great and it was a fun visit with her.

amazingly they slept the entire night
Playing air guitar over continental breakfast

Monday, July 09, 2012


Is anyone still with me? If so, you made it to one more level of this crazy plan.

WEEK 5-6: Add legumes and lentils. Quinoa, and you can add up to one serving of starchy veggies each day. You can add other nuts as well, but go easy on the peanuts. Popcorn is now on the list. It is a good treat (just steer clear of the butter).



So... no pounds lost this week. However, I had a great exercise week. I did pretty well with my jogging. I kept myself going even though I was hating every minute of it. It is a good challenge for me and I always feel better at the end. The highlight of the week was that Mike came to a spin class with me. He acted all macho but then admitted that it kicked his butt a little later. :)

Monday, July 02, 2012


I'm not frustrated! I'm not frustrated! I'm not frustrated! If I keep telling myself that maybe I'll start to believe it.

Week 3 weigh in: -1.0 exactly

It is time to change things up. I eat pretty much the same thing every day. I do pretty much the same workouts each week. In my internet browsing of "plateaus", I've found that a switch up to shock my body is about what I need right now.

So - last Friday I ran... slowly... and for short bursts of time... but I ran. I was terrible at it. I must have looked extremely silly with my short shuffling stride, and my bright red face, but I did it. I was dreading running this morning. I got up and did it and I did better than Friday. I found a 'Couch to 5K' in 30 days program via Pinterest.

Source: repinly.com via Maria on Pinterest

I did the 5 min walk/ 2 minute jog on Friday for 30 minutes. Today after I weighed myself (and didn't get frustrated), I decided to go for more. Today I did 5 minute walk/ 3-4 minute jog for 35 minutes. Then I worked out my arms. I hope this little change up does something. I haven't really run since I before I was pregnant with Cohen, so that was 8+ years ago.

Any seasoned runners want to give me some tips? How was your weigh in this week? How do you break through plateaus?
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