Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not again...

Better luck next time my beloved Utes!

Of course I still craft...

I'm here... I'm here... I've been a little elf in my factory (read: kitchen table). My poor family is living amongst my scraps and pins and needles and packages. I've finished up a few swaps and also have finished all of my shifts for Festival of Trees. I'll post more pics about it later when I have an opportunity to go and wander around at my leisure. I've been so busy with all of my little things that I've let 300+ pics sit on my camera and have gone over a week without blogging.

Today I'll visit a little about Festival. It has been so awesome to participate, but it is also a pain because it is a lot of work. It started the end of May with a Kick-off luncheon and a tour of Primary Children's Hospital. What a fabulous place. I was a little nervous to go because I'm really sensitive to sick kids. It makes me so sad and I really didn't feel like crying. But it was great and despite all of the trauma that is there, it really was a happy place. I saw no sad families. Our committee chair gave us a packet and said see you in November. It seemed so far away to get all of my things done, but of course I was working on them the night before turn in.
Being on a two month glitter kick, I decided I'd glitter up some mirrors. I used the IKEA mirrors I had left over from previous boutiques and this summer's Family Reunion. It was a cheap and easy craft. I painted the wooden mirrors white, slathered them with craft glue and sprinkled the glitter. Easy peasy and always a hit!

I've got so many little Christmas crafts that I have been doing. Among posting of the Christmas crafts, I'll hit my 100 post mark. Whatever craft I post that day will be replicated and given away to a lucky recipient, so tell your friends and let us see if I can break double digit comments. Be back soon!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Sleep til' Brooklyn

I stayed up late working and now I cannot sleep. It's almost 2:00 am and I am reading blogs. I am sure Cohen will wake up in about 4 hours just to rub it in.

The above image: is having a $10 sale and I think Santa just might be putting this shirt in my stocking! Or, maybe I'll put it on my wall. Have you seen the Blik vinyl images? It makes me want to cover my walls in all of it... it is so unlike the over used "Return With Honor" vinyl lettering we see all over Utah. LOVE IT!

Anyway, I hope you are all having sweet dreams!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

No Title

Boy, this blog seems to be a real downer lately. I can't keep up with it. I don't feel guilty, though. Not one bit. I've been working my tail off and I just haven't transfered the pics from the camera, or even had much time to do anything.

I've started babysitting 5 days a week. I swore I'd never do it, but these kids really are fabulous. They are so pleasant. The 3 year old boy and Cohen play very well together and really I can ignore them while I hang out with the sweet little 18 month girl. I only watch them in the afternoon so it actually comes as a nice break. The extra cash is also very nice.

I've also been working almost every night for My new "Project Manager" title is a little stressful since we are all contract employees and there is no office. It is a lot of email and a lot of phone calls, but again, the extra cash is nice. I've also picked up a few tailoring projects and cleaned an apartment, so I help out financially when I can.

I feel like my life was more simple when I just worked one full time job. I seemed to be more productive, too. Oh well. I run on chaos and handle stress well for the most part. So the birds above have nothing to do with the post. I just thought I'd leave you with a picture of some of my favorite things around my house.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Wearing Jesus

So... I am now 29. I wish I felt 29 and a little less like my 19 year old self. I think I'd accomplish more. I had a little get together with a few girlfriends and family, while Mike took the boys to the game, courtesy of Zions Bank. We all worked on our own WIPs and I didn't get too much done. I was too busy eating and talking. It was fun, and I feel like I rang in the new year well.

Mike bought me an iTrip, because the CD player in my car is sick (read: Cohen stuck 2 CDs in it and one of them still players - the blue Weezer album over and over and over). I'm so happy that I can listen to something besides "The Sweater Song" while driving around town. However, we have had to listen to Bouncing Souls "Ole" over and over because Cohen can sing the words. According to him the Bouncing Souls drink "root beer" and wear "Jesus". While I don't think I will change the root beer thought, I do believe I'll introduce him to Adidas brand shoes. (if this makes no sense, the song sings "Bouncing Souls, no one can beat us, we drink beer and wear Adidas") We had dinner at Mike's mom's house and then on to desert at Great Grandma's house. It was a nice lazy day and it was just what I needed.

I think that is it. Sorry for the boring post. I will leave you with a list of what I'd ask for if I could do my birthday over tomorrow.

I'd like this jacket and the boots - heck... I'll take the figure, too. :)

Yes Please!! I'll take this jacket, too. Saltwater is such a great store. I just came across it out in blog-land somewhere. Thanks for this beautiful site. So very very lovely.

I hope all of you Scorpios had a nice birthday, too!
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