Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Of course I still craft...

I'm here... I'm here... I've been a little elf in my factory (read: kitchen table). My poor family is living amongst my scraps and pins and needles and packages. I've finished up a few swaps and also have finished all of my shifts for Festival of Trees. I'll post more pics about it later when I have an opportunity to go and wander around at my leisure. I've been so busy with all of my little things that I've let 300+ pics sit on my camera and have gone over a week without blogging.

Today I'll visit a little about Festival. It has been so awesome to participate, but it is also a pain because it is a lot of work. It started the end of May with a Kick-off luncheon and a tour of Primary Children's Hospital. What a fabulous place. I was a little nervous to go because I'm really sensitive to sick kids. It makes me so sad and I really didn't feel like crying. But it was great and despite all of the trauma that is there, it really was a happy place. I saw no sad families. Our committee chair gave us a packet and said see you in November. It seemed so far away to get all of my things done, but of course I was working on them the night before turn in.
Being on a two month glitter kick, I decided I'd glitter up some mirrors. I used the IKEA mirrors I had left over from previous boutiques and this summer's Family Reunion. It was a cheap and easy craft. I painted the wooden mirrors white, slathered them with craft glue and sprinkled the glitter. Easy peasy and always a hit!

I've got so many little Christmas crafts that I have been doing. Among posting of the Christmas crafts, I'll hit my 100 post mark. Whatever craft I post that day will be replicated and given away to a lucky recipient, so tell your friends and let us see if I can break double digit comments. Be back soon!


Nicole said...

Those mirrors are so fun! I might have to copy you!!

I'll be looking forward to the 100th post! :)

Lindy said...

Love hearing about all the crafting you're doing. Wish I were there to help/annoy you. You are one cool mama.

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