Tuesday, September 30, 2008


L to R:: Risalyn Baker Heggie, Julie Thurgood Summerhays, Angie Davenport Jeppesen, Emily Meservy Christensen,
Jodie Chandler Edgington, and Lori Sessions Van Wagoner with the hair whips

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been laying on the couch a lot, working a lot, working on Primary Program a lot, and not cleaning my apartment. I really don't have much to write about, but I thought I should write something.

The picture above is of moi and my five BFFs from high school. This picture was taken outside of the movie theater in Rexburg, Idaho circa 1997 probably. If it was taken with my camera, it had to have been after Christmas 1996 because I remember taking so many pictures like this with my handy new remote. This is a great group of gals. We now live all over the place, but we still try to get together once a year for a weekend of reminiscing and uncontrollable laughter. We are all married and between the six of us we have 15 kids + one on the way. This February we're headed to Las Vegas sans kids, except Angie's newborn and the one growing in my gut. It will be a great time as always.

I forget that my hair was ever that long even though it was that long from 1994 - 2001. It was magic ninja hair and my security blanket. I didn't cut it (besides trimming) for over 10 years. It got so long while I was on my mission that I was actually sitting on it. Gross. I cut it to my shoulders two weeks before I came home. It was so weird and a bottle of shampoo lasted so long. Anyway, this post is digressing. Thank heavens for good friends.

Friday, September 19, 2008

:: HOT DOG ::

Did any of you receive this Christmas card in 2001? I borrowed this hot dog suit from my ol' pal Doug to use for Halloween. I had just returned from my mission. This picture was taken on the way home from SLC to Idaho for Thanksgiving (as I was returning the costume). I was driving with my sister Lyndsey, and I swerved and pulled off on the side of I-15 to take this picture. I got a lot of honks. I'm happy to say this photo is still displayed on one of my parents walls. They must have been so proud of their daughter. Har! Har!

Did you watch the Martha Stewart episode this week about blogging? Now is your chance to get your blogs featured on her site. Mine has NO CHANCE... but yours might. :) Read more about it here.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

:: I'M A LOSER ::

I got an email from an Internet friend asking how I was doing with the family weight loss challenge that I wrote about last June. I did okay. I did not make my goal and did not earn my $100, but I'm still pleased.

I lost 20 lbs by September 1st. My goal was 30lbs. BUT... I also managed to get myself 3 months pregnant during that time period. My doctor is encouraging me to continue my exercise routine and diet and last month I lost 4 more pounds.

So that is the update. I'm doing okay. For those of you who watched The Biggest Loser last night (I love it), I am rooting for the yellow team. I want that dad to lose weight. He's such a cute old man.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


So... what do you think about that? After 3 long years of waiting and wondering it is FINALLY my turn! I've been sick and lazy but still... Yahoo! I'm due March 23rd, which is soooo far away, but at least I won't be pregnant in July again. I had the most fantastic ultrasound yesterday and my little bean with a heartbeat finally looks almost like a kid.

Other excuses:
  • We're also having some networking technical difficulties. All of my pictures are on the other computer that for some reason is not locating our wireless network right now.
  • Mike has been working 10+ hour days, plus using public transit, and hasn't been home a lot... therefor, I'm waiting on my IT guy to fix the network. I'm a dummy.
  • Cohen has started pre-school, which he still isn't too sure about.
  • I'm writing the Primary Sacrament Meeting Program for church.
  • I've been laying on the couch a lot and not doing a whole lot of anything... which I don't think is really worth blogging about.
Other news:
  • Art Inside Boutique is on December 6th from 10-4 at the previous location. Add it to your calendars.
  • Kim B. had another successful home birth this week and has another girl. This is her 4th child and 3rd girl. I wonder if I'll ever have my 1st...girl that is? We're on Generation 3 of all boys in the Van Wag family.
  • Poppyseeds is having a birthday and is offering free shipping today.
  • It is September 11th. Hug the people you love today and tell them you are glad they are with you.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

:: TOP 3 ::

Per Eric G.'s request, I am listing my three favorite books read this year. Talk about pressure. It really is a toss up between a few, but I'll name the 3 I thought of first... These are not in 1.2.3. order. These are just the top 3.
  1. Pride & Prejudice - I know most people have read this by the time they've reached my age, but it took watching the newer Kiera Knightly version (and that sexy new Mr. Darcy... whoever he is) to want to read the book. This book started off our AWESOME book club.
  2. Princess Academy - You know I can't say enough about the sweet writing of Shannon Hale. I just love her book writing formula and how she is always rooting for the underdog.
  3. Middlesex - A very unlikely choice, I know. Especially because it has a big "OPRAH'S BOOK CLUB" sticker on the over (blech). I don't know what it was about this book. I loved the writing. Loved it. The story in itself was tragic and a little more adult than I am usually fond of, but I couldn't help but feel my heart breaking for this poor character as she/he went through her/his first 14 years as a girl that didn't fit in, to continue to live her/his life as a man that could never be 100% honest in relationships. The history and the secrets of the family were almost too much. Also, the author did a fantastic job of making this story seem like a true to life biography because of the lacing in of historical facts.
Honorable mentions: Count of Monte Cristo, Eclipse, Time Travelers Wife, & Austenland

A few weeks ago I started going through all of the music I've collected over the years. I thought, "If I could only listen to 100 songs for the rest of my life, which ones would they be?" This list is taking a lot more thought and I will share it once it is complete. However, I will say that Beastie Boys, Buddy Holly, Cat Stevens, Uncle Tupelo, Kingston Trio, Weezer, and Rancid are all very high on the list. It is working up to be 100% random.

Apart from the list, I am working on a few knitted items. This cooler weather is putting me in the mood to craft. YAHOO! I love fall crafting. I am going to have to start listening to more books on tape.

Monday, September 01, 2008


I love the rain. LOVE IT! It makes me want to sit around and knit or hand sew or something like that. We have a pretty mellow weekend. My brother Tim has been staying with us for the last few nights. As for the winner of the book and tote, I just shouted out to him as he walked by, "Pick a number between 1 and 14." He picked 8. That is you, Nicole. I'll email you and get your address and either drop it by or put it in the mail this week. Sound groovy?

Enjoy your day off!
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