Tuesday, September 30, 2008


L to R:: Risalyn Baker Heggie, Julie Thurgood Summerhays, Angie Davenport Jeppesen, Emily Meservy Christensen,
Jodie Chandler Edgington, and Lori Sessions Van Wagoner with the hair whips

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been laying on the couch a lot, working a lot, working on Primary Program a lot, and not cleaning my apartment. I really don't have much to write about, but I thought I should write something.

The picture above is of moi and my five BFFs from high school. This picture was taken outside of the movie theater in Rexburg, Idaho circa 1997 probably. If it was taken with my camera, it had to have been after Christmas 1996 because I remember taking so many pictures like this with my handy new remote. This is a great group of gals. We now live all over the place, but we still try to get together once a year for a weekend of reminiscing and uncontrollable laughter. We are all married and between the six of us we have 15 kids + one on the way. This February we're headed to Las Vegas sans kids, except Angie's newborn and the one growing in my gut. It will be a great time as always.

I forget that my hair was ever that long even though it was that long from 1994 - 2001. It was magic ninja hair and my security blanket. I didn't cut it (besides trimming) for over 10 years. It got so long while I was on my mission that I was actually sitting on it. Gross. I cut it to my shoulders two weeks before I came home. It was so weird and a bottle of shampoo lasted so long. Anyway, this post is digressing. Thank heavens for good friends.


JC Photography said...

Cute!!! Oh the memories!

Berta said...

I even know the LOCATION of your picture! I've lived here WAY TOO LONG! ! ! !

Jenny B said...


Do you guys need a place to crash? Of I could babysit the baby if you really want to go with no kids.

Daisy said...

What a small world, Lori! I was at Ricks then too and Emily Meservey was in my major - we had a few classes together. I always envied her ability to pull of such cute short hair! Anyway, have fun with your girlfriends AND Congrats on the pregnancy. I must have missed that. How far along are you? We're expecting in February.

Rusti said...

Love the ninja hair. Tres chic! lol

How fun that you're getting a Vegas vacation. I've been trying to plan something there for a while. Mostly for the shopping. And that's exactly why I shouldn't be allowed to go.

The Wallace Family said...

hey Lori
I was on Kirst blog and found yours! Love the picture and that I know some of the people besides you in it. I always wonder about Kim E. You are impressive and yes you can make it (whatever that may be)
Julie Ormond W.

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