Monday, September 01, 2008


I love the rain. LOVE IT! It makes me want to sit around and knit or hand sew or something like that. We have a pretty mellow weekend. My brother Tim has been staying with us for the last few nights. As for the winner of the book and tote, I just shouted out to him as he walked by, "Pick a number between 1 and 14." He picked 8. That is you, Nicole. I'll email you and get your address and either drop it by or put it in the mail this week. Sound groovy?

Enjoy your day off!


Anonymous said...

Are the books you've read listed in any order?
I want to know the top 3 you've read this year.
When are you guys coming to Az?!

-Eric G

Jenny B said...

What was Tim doing there all weekend? I told Rhett that he gets to sleep at Cohen's house and he about jumped out of his skin. I hope you are ready for the crazy Barrowes Boys!

Nicole said...

Well I am glad your brother has such fantastic taste in numbers! I have been wanting to read that book and the tote is just adorable. :)

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