Friday, May 30, 2008

:: HOORAY ::

This is how I feel today. It is Friday. I am babysitting no one. The sun is shining. Cohen and I are heading to the zoo. I am going fabric shopping to start some baby blankets. And... I have Season 2 of Project Runway ready for my weekend viewing pleasure. I anticipate a great weekend. I hope you have one, too.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Man, I am having a blast back from Rick's College this month. Since purchasing the new Pennywise album a few weeks ago, I just can't stop listening. I've been pulling out all of my 90's skatepunk CDs and adding them to my iTunes library. I'm even wearing the old brown Independent hoodie a lot more.* (side note: I bought this sweatshirt with my very first paycheck when I was 15. Yes... I know the sweatshirt is 15 years old and is a ragged mess. The worst part about it, is that I still wear it at least 2 times a week.) Am I digressing?

*disclaimer:: for the last 5 years, said sweatshirt is not allowed outside of the house.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

:: BUNCO ::

Yes, like all good housewives should, I belong to a Bunco/Bunko/Bonko/Bonco group and have for the last two years. My old group was lacking in the personality department, but I LOVE my current group. I used to work with 2 of the gals I play with, but the rest are all friends of theirs. But, we play quick and dirty and the room gets LOUD.

Last night was the hostess. For my invitations, I used more of the old photos that my sister gave me (they used to belong to her aunt-in-law, or something). I chose groups of girls to add to the invites and they were just perfect. I love the simplicity and randomness of the designs. I hope these old photos never run out. They are always the perfect touch.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I'm going through my stash and deciding on my next project. I don't have much to report. In the meantime, I walked into the living room and found Cohen like this. He stayed this way for at least 10 minutes. Crazy kid.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

:: YO HO YO HO ::

Just in time for a friend's pirate birthday party, Cohen got a rad shirt in the mail. Hayley and I did a swappy-swap and she made him this fantastic shirt in return for one of my market bags. He has wanted to wear it everyday since it came. We've already washed it three times, and I am impressed with the quality of it. She does a great job.

Go visit her blog and etsy shop. Get your kids some new clothes. She is also having a give-a-way through her blog right now. I know you all love free stuff.

A pirate's life for me.

Disclaimer:: Shirt not guaranteed to make your kid as goofy as mine is.

Friday, May 16, 2008

:: Calorimetry ::

I made my first calorimetry for a swap. It was a fast fun project and I was able to complete it in one afternoon.

And... look at this fantastic leather button. I love it. The free pattern is linked above. It seriously is a fast project!

I had the opportunity to have breakfast with all of my aunts recently. These are my mom's sisters. She only has one brother. I don't know what they were all doing in town, but I am sure glad my mom called me to join them.

I asked them if I could take their picture before I left. They wouldn't stop laughing long enough to look at the camera. Their giggles are contagious. There was a group of gals my age standing a few feet away and they would laugh every time my aunts would erupt.

Corri Theobald, Donalyn Sessions, Sally Brown, MaryAnn Batt, Kaye Judd

This is the closest I could get to seeing all of their faces. What a great bunch! I couldn't have a more positive group of female role models.

I titled this post Kiddie Kandids because they were as wiggly as Cohen is when we're trying to get his pictures taken.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'll sleep when I die::

Did you hear about this?
::I've found a replacement for treats::

WOOT! The boys are baa-aack! I'm serious. I am SO ready for this. Let me tell you a story::

In 1988, my family moved to St. Anthony, ID, from Carson City, NV. The following summer, we all went back to see our old friends. I stayed at Jaime's house and she introduced me to NKOTB. She had this poster on her wall that she kissed each night before bed. She had a pillow with Jordan's face on it and a little pin she wore on her "jean jacket". We were 10!! Sheesh. My friend dubbed me a copy of the tape and I went back to Idaho with a new obsession and was so excited to tell my friends all about the band.

Over the next few years, I am sure my bedroom looked a lot like all of yours. I bought every Tiger Beat and Teen Bop magazine and wallpapered my room with New Kids posters. My jacket was covered with "I love NKOTB" and "Donnie's Girl" pins. My mom wouldn't buy me all of the bedding or clothing. I did buy some socks from K-Mart for $2.00. My friend Lacey had all of the videos of concerts and the dolls. We would watch those videos every day after school and act out the scenes with the dolls. haha!

My obsession lasted as long as it could while I could still keep my "cool" rep, but secretly I held on a lot longer than that. New Kids came to SLC to a concert in 1990. Did any of you go? I did not get any tickets, but my mom did bring me to Ogden that weekend (I still lived in Idaho). She said she'd drive me by the Salt Palace to see the tour bus anyway. Unfortunately, that weekend also marked my first ride on the crimson wave and I refused to leave my Grandmother's house.

When I moved out of my parents house, I packed my New Kids stuff safely away in my cedar chest. I found a New Kids shirt at DI while I was attending Ricks College and wore it at least once a week. In 1999, I moved to SLC and lived with my Aunt Sally. Jordan Knight was putting out a solo album (that was no bueno) and was on a US Mall Tour. The South Towne Mall was on his list, and my cousin Lauren and I headed down for a free show. We casually hung out on the balcony and pretended we just happened across it. :) He was as cute as ever and I had butterflies in my stomach the entire time.

So - what I am saying is that I am SO READY for the KNOTB reunion to happen. Their blog is already bookmarked. I'm a geek... but admit it... you loved them, too.

(about the title:: I'm doing a Biggest Loser challenge with my family. I'm down 4 lbs this week! Woohoo!)

Friday, May 09, 2008

::MY MOM::

Last weekend all of my siblings (minus Tim who was 1/2 way trough Canada on his way to Alaska for the summer), in-laws, nieces and nephews, aunt and uncle, cousins and their kids, all got together for a barbecue to celebrate my dear sweet mom. She just finished her Master's Degree at Weber State (great! great! great!) and graduated. She looks cute standing there next to Pops in her 'wizard costume'.

I'm grateful for my mom for many reasons:
:: she gave me life :: she trusts me :: she taught me to love education :: she is a great teacher :: she hardly ever made me clean my room :: she is a great grandmother to Cohen :: she keeps us in check :: she challenged the entire family to lose weight - and we're taking it seriously because she said so :: she always let me have a 'sip' of her diet coke :: she is crafty :: she encourages creative thinking :: she never gave empty threats :: she washed my clothes and let me come home to do laundry during college :: she appreciates my handmade gifts :: she loves my dad :: she gave me awesome siblings :: she's righteous - in all the right ways :: she sold 2 mustangs and traded them for family cars :: she's smart :: she gave me consequences and never let me off the hook :: she made huge breakfasts for my friends and let us borrow her mini van to go to warped tour (from ID to SLC) on several occasions :: she also let me borrow her mini van for several spring break trips to Las Vegas :: she is thrifty :: she has a plethora of good ideas :: she made us go on a walk before opening our Christmas gifts :: she lets Pops have a dog even though she hates them :: she loves her parents :: she loves her siblings :: she believes in family :: she fed my cats and cleaned their litter boxes when i 'forgot' :: she believes in God :: she loves me ::

Thanks, Gramma Dough-knee, for all your hard work. I love you!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


These are by no means "leftovers", but these bags are what I did not sell at the boutique. If you are interested in any of them, please email me and we'll set up payment and shipping options. Prices and fibers are listed below each bag. Prices do not include shipping. For all Book Totes and Market Totes, please add $4.60 for shipping (if you are in SLC I'll drop it off where you want and there will be no shipping costs). For the Messenger Bag, add $9.00 - unless you really want me to smash it and then it will only be $4.60.


Story Book Tote $12.00
Measurements: 15" x 12"
Shell: 55% Linen & 45% Cotton Blend
Lining, Handles, Patchwork: 100% Cotton
Info: No inner pockets

Flea Market Book Tote

Measurements: 15" x 12"
Shell: 55% Linen & 45% Cotton Blend
Lining, Handles, Patchwork: 100% Cotton
Info: No inner pockets

Pink Floral Book Tote

Measurements: 15" x 12"
Shell: 55% Linen & 45% Cotton Blend
Lining, Handles, Patchwork: 100% Cotton
Info: No inner pockets


Fiber Information and Care Instructions on all Tags

Pink/Brown Market Bag $25.00
Measurements: 19.5" x 19"
Shell: 55% Linen & 45% Cotton Blend
Lining, Handles, Patchwork: 100% Cotton
Info: Large inner patch pocket

Pink/Green Market Bag $25.00
Measurements: 19.5" x 19"
Shell: 55% Linen & 45% Cotton Blend
Lining, Handles, Patchwork: 100% Cotton
Info: Large inner patch pocket

Natural Rose Market Bag $25.00
Measurements: 19.5" x 19"
Shell: 55% Linen & 45% Cotton Blend
Lining, Handles, Patchwork: 100% Cotton
Info: Large inner patch pocket

Patriotic Market Bag $25.00
Measurements: 19.5" x 19"
Shell: 55% Linen & 45% Cotton Blend
Lining, Handles, Patchwork: 100% Cotton
Info: Large inner patch pocket



If you are interested, please email me at lori(dot)vanwagoner(at)gmail(dot)com.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


We're done until Fall. YAHOO! What a great boutique. We had a fantastic turn-out and it was so great to see all of you SLC-punks represent! I do have a few bags left. I am going to take pictures of all of them tomorrow and I'll post them on here. If you are interested, they are for sale or trade. :) You are a good bunch.


Friday, May 02, 2008


Well, I was over setting up my table at the boutique this morning. The excitement is setting in. I am so in love with some of the stuff I saw. I was tempted to buy right on the spot. Good thing the vendors had left. Seriously... too cute.

This is the final style of bags I've made up. I am a big fan of the owl, but only because I already two different bags made out of that crazy polyester floral print. About three years ago I bought the entire bolt of that stuff and that, my friends, is the very last little bit.

We are in Ogden today celebrating my Mother with my siblings (well, except for Tim. He is half way to Skagway, Alaska, where he spends his summer driving tour buses). My mom graduated with her Masters today. It was fun to see her all dressed up in her robes, ropes, and tassels. She looked great and we are so proud of her. The grand kids thought she looked like a magician. Sometimes I think she really is. I'll share pictures later.

I hope to see you all tomorrow! If I do not know you, please introduce yourselves. I'd love to meet you and connect in "real life".

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