Friday, May 09, 2008

::MY MOM::

Last weekend all of my siblings (minus Tim who was 1/2 way trough Canada on his way to Alaska for the summer), in-laws, nieces and nephews, aunt and uncle, cousins and their kids, all got together for a barbecue to celebrate my dear sweet mom. She just finished her Master's Degree at Weber State (great! great! great!) and graduated. She looks cute standing there next to Pops in her 'wizard costume'.

I'm grateful for my mom for many reasons:
:: she gave me life :: she trusts me :: she taught me to love education :: she is a great teacher :: she hardly ever made me clean my room :: she is a great grandmother to Cohen :: she keeps us in check :: she challenged the entire family to lose weight - and we're taking it seriously because she said so :: she always let me have a 'sip' of her diet coke :: she is crafty :: she encourages creative thinking :: she never gave empty threats :: she washed my clothes and let me come home to do laundry during college :: she appreciates my handmade gifts :: she loves my dad :: she gave me awesome siblings :: she's righteous - in all the right ways :: she sold 2 mustangs and traded them for family cars :: she's smart :: she gave me consequences and never let me off the hook :: she made huge breakfasts for my friends and let us borrow her mini van to go to warped tour (from ID to SLC) on several occasions :: she also let me borrow her mini van for several spring break trips to Las Vegas :: she is thrifty :: she has a plethora of good ideas :: she made us go on a walk before opening our Christmas gifts :: she lets Pops have a dog even though she hates them :: she loves her parents :: she loves her siblings :: she believes in family :: she fed my cats and cleaned their litter boxes when i 'forgot' :: she believes in God :: she loves me ::

Thanks, Gramma Dough-knee, for all your hard work. I love you!


Jenny B said...

Aahh-I was going to do a post on my blog about our cool mom but you beat me to it. Now it will look like I am copying you. Oh well, I will do it anyway. This was a good tribute to our great mom!

Lindy said...

ha ha…I thanked my mom for all the drinks of Diet Coke too.

Congrats to your mom! I had fun meeting her that night of pre-Christmas crafts (by the way, I SO NEED to get your stamps back to you! I don't have a car during the week, but one of these Saturdays, I will come, I promise).

Ormeeheads said...

Congrats to your mom!! Why did all you Sessions have to move to the uterus!!! So sad that you are not in Idaho any more.

Anonymous said...

Your mom rocks.
-Eric G.

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