Friday, May 16, 2008


I had the opportunity to have breakfast with all of my aunts recently. These are my mom's sisters. She only has one brother. I don't know what they were all doing in town, but I am sure glad my mom called me to join them.

I asked them if I could take their picture before I left. They wouldn't stop laughing long enough to look at the camera. Their giggles are contagious. There was a group of gals my age standing a few feet away and they would laugh every time my aunts would erupt.

Corri Theobald, Donalyn Sessions, Sally Brown, MaryAnn Batt, Kaye Judd

This is the closest I could get to seeing all of their faces. What a great bunch! I couldn't have a more positive group of female role models.

I titled this post Kiddie Kandids because they were as wiggly as Cohen is when we're trying to get his pictures taken.

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Jenny B said...

That is awesome. What a great bunch of gals! I hope our kids think we are cool in 30 years like we think our aunts/mom are cool!

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