Friday, May 02, 2008


Well, I was over setting up my table at the boutique this morning. The excitement is setting in. I am so in love with some of the stuff I saw. I was tempted to buy right on the spot. Good thing the vendors had left. Seriously... too cute.

This is the final style of bags I've made up. I am a big fan of the owl, but only because I already two different bags made out of that crazy polyester floral print. About three years ago I bought the entire bolt of that stuff and that, my friends, is the very last little bit.

We are in Ogden today celebrating my Mother with my siblings (well, except for Tim. He is half way to Skagway, Alaska, where he spends his summer driving tour buses). My mom graduated with her Masters today. It was fun to see her all dressed up in her robes, ropes, and tassels. She looked great and we are so proud of her. The grand kids thought she looked like a magician. Sometimes I think she really is. I'll share pictures later.

I hope to see you all tomorrow! If I do not know you, please introduce yourselves. I'd love to meet you and connect in "real life".

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~LisaLou~ said...

Hi Lori,
You don't kow me but I found your link from the show you did. I was wondering how much your bags are, and if you still have the great cream, green and orange floral bag pictured at the top of this post. Your bags are very cute! Great job.
Thanks, Lisa

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