Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How long is this going to take::

Today is my last official sewing day before the big day. WAHOO! This is the point where I am going, "Why do I enjoy this?" But, as soon as I sew up the last few bags I have cut out I'll remember that I really do love sewing and preparing for boutiques.

Although I am not setting up my booth until Friday morning, I have stuff going on every minute up until then. I am very excited about Wednesday night because I am taking a knitting class at Unwind. We are learning how to make socks on 4 double-point needles... YIKES! Seems pretty tricky and tedious, but I am excited to learn something new.

On Thursday is our 2nd Book Club meeting. We read the Count of Monte Cristo this month. What a humdinger! As I've mentioned here before, it is such a fabulous book. I wish I hadn't been so busy this month so I could have paid more attention to it. Last week I just plowed through the end to make sure I'd finish. I am going to encourage a quick, light read for our next choice. 600+ pages of intense revenge is about all I can handle. The book I am reading now is hard to get into. I might drop it. A book has to be pretty bad if I don't want to finish it. Maybe next week when I am not so side tracked by sewing and boutique blogging I'll be ready for it.

The above bags are some of the Market Bags I made for the boutique. I love how versatile the look is. They are all the same pattern, just tied up in different ways. Very cute. As much as I hope to sell them all, I wouldn't mind keeping the brown one with orange birds. I kept just enough of both fabrics just in case.


Val G. said...

Cute bags!

I'm sorry to miss the boutique - we're moving to Utah next week, but we won't be there soon enough!

Maybe the next one!

petit elefant said...

They look fabulous! I hope you sell all of them and make loads of cash.

Lauren Ricci said...

You are so creative. I wish that Seegmiller gene had passed down to me. I can't even cut a straight line or sew a button on! I am in awe of your work. See you on Saturday!

rockandcookies said...

oh oh oh I am SO SO glad I have tomorrow off... I'ma get me a Lori bag fix PLUS I'll get to see you!

Rusti said...

You've done SO well! I'm loving your stuff. I hope you have great success at the boutique. And that you will enjoy some relaxation afterward. :)

AHEM said...

so if you have any left i totally want one. please let me know!!!

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