Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spring Colors...
I love the springtime colors that are starting to pop up everywhere. I'm so ready for winter to be over and can't wait until the warm weather will just stay. On Monday it was sunny 80 degrees (according to the bank sign across the road) and on Tuesday it was snowing and 39 degrees. Honestly, is this some kind of a weather gods joke?? This morning the sign says 49 and the lawn guys are out mowing so I think we'll take advantage of the good weather and go to the zoo.

I'm babysitting again... imagine that! I just can't say no. It is only one little (although he'd contest that he is little) 4 YO boy that is in our ward. He's a good kid and him and Cohen play well, so it really is ideal. I'll have him until the end of the school year (his mom is a teacher). I am able to get a lot of housework and reading (of course... I have a goal to reach) done.

While I am enjoying the mild weather and time outside, I am not enjoying the allergies. I've never had them like this before. Oh well... I guess we all have to take our turn sneezing and sniffling over something.


Kim said...

Gosh Cohen is so big!!! I know what you mean about the weather. I got sunburned on Monday and frozen on Tuesday! This is crazy!!!!

Suzie Young said...

Fun! I'm sure it's nice to have someone to entertain Cohen or at least distract him :)
Now that school is almost out for me, I'm going to take your advice on a few books and do some serious summer reading! Any suggestions for my first one of the season?

Ormeeheads said...

Hey, I love that you are as crazy about sewing as I am! Your stuff is awsome. Tell your sis to start a blog.

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