Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shall we have a party on Friday?

I've actually been able to accomplish more this week week than I thought I'd be able to. The kids I was watching (while their parents are in Europe) were all having sleepovers (read: pawned off on neighbors and other relatives) so Mike and I were home by 7:00 pm. Saturday I went to Ogden and had dinner with my mom and sister, Lyndsey. Sunday I watched Conference and had a nice dinner with the in-laws. I cut out a few bags for the boutique and even read 2 books. All is well.

I have not taken pictures lately, so I borrowed this one from my desktop. This is a picture taken by my bro-in-law Andy of Cohen and my nephew Aidan at the Auto Show in January. I believe it depicts what I will look on Thursday night after 4 days of 12+ hours babysitting 8 kids... only not so cute.

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Lauren Ricci said...

I love this picture of Cohen! He is so cute! Glad we can be blogging buddies now that you don't have a space anymore!

I am looking forward to the boutique and all the wonderful crafts you have made. I was actually wondering if you could make me some push-pins. I still use the ones you made for my cork wall! I will talk to you about them at the boutique. I will also bring you your magnetic board, I am sure you have been needing that! I am awful.

By the way, I just wrote a blog about my discovery of a gelato place. I thought of you a lot while writing it. Those were the days of no responsibility and enjoyment. I hate being an adult.

All my love

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