Saturday, March 19, 2011

:: DAY 4 ::

My addictions and bad habits are many... sadly... but I am confident enough with myself to admit that.

#1... take a big FAT guess what I might say. I don't want to explain it any longer.

#2 Netflix: It is the best and worst $10 we spend each month. I have caught up on so many dumb shows that I didn't even know existed that I have NEEDED to watch. I figure my queue will run out eventually, but until then I'm watching it.

These are the two biggies right now. I really have no intentions of stopping either. They are making me a little lazier, but if I watch Netflix on the iPod touch while drinking a Diet DP and going on a walk, I see a brighter future.

HOLY SMOKES... I'm really good at follow through, eh? Day 3 stumped me because all of my photos of myself with friends are on our desktop that currently doesn't have a monitor connected to it (I stole the monitor for my work laptop). I'm to lazy to climb under my desk and unplug it and take it about 20 feet to the desktop and climb under that desk. Whew. Just wears me out thinking about it.

In the meantime, our oven broke. It is prehistoric so we are very happy. We decided we'd go through our home warranty and they are replacing it with a new one. We only have to pay about $30 for a new stainless range that matches our dishwasher. WOOT! If only I could get the fridge to break before July 1st. We can't even have the oven plugged in because the alarm saying something is wrong won't stop beeping. If I can't cook it on an electric skillet, we aren't having it. The new oven should be here by the end of next week.

I've worked almost 40 hours this week. Crazy...

My church Primary calling has become a full-time job this week, too.

My brother Jeff is in town with his family so we're going to my parents for a nice warm meal. With a broken oven we've eaten a lot of grilled cheese and pancakes. They better bake something!

I started drinking diet soda again. I went 2 weeks without it. I totally missed it. I've cut out all processed sugar from my diet and I don't miss it at all. But all I think about is Diet DP. I need to go to rehab. SO... I am allowed one a day. If I make it to 4:00 pm without one, I won't drink one. It is working pretty well so far. Moderation is best anyway right?

I feel really bad for the Japanese people. Last week I couldn't pull myself away from the videos showing the waves carrying buildings away. So sad.

I'm currently addicted to past seasons of ANY show that has aired on ABC Family. It is rather pathetic how quickly I cruise through these shows. They are always on in the background while I work.

That is all... my life is the same as always.

Now back to the regular blog silence that you are used to. Woot!

Friday, March 04, 2011

:: DAY 2 ::

At the time I started this blog (almost 5 years ago) I was just discovering the land of craft blogs. Within the first 6 months, I realized that most of them were just copying whatever someone else was doing, or reposting some fabulous project from another blog. ALSO, I was doing a lot of craft boutiques (selling my goods) at the time. I came home from a particularly bad show (I sold like 2 things) in total frustration. Everyone EVERYONE (read: except the two that bought something) made the comment, "Oooh. I can make that." or "Did you just use ____?" or "Where did you buy the ____ to make _____." I was so mad.

Let me back up. My craftiness was inherited from my parents. My mom and dad were both very willing to let us use their stash to make what we wanted. I sewed a little in home ec, but as a youth I was always covering things with sequins and fabric scraps. My mom let me do with my room what I pleased. She let me draw on my shoes. My friends, Ris and Kim, used to draw stories of us doing amazing things (and kissing hot boys - I still have some of them Ris) and I would plaster my walls with them. Then Ris asked me to sew fabric panels in the sides of pants. We did that for a year and I made a few tank tops and Halloween costumes. My freshman year of college, my roommate Kirstin got me started on scrapbooking. My sophomore year in college I started working at a mill end fabric/craft store called Piece Goods. I had rows and rows of vintage trims for like 17 cents a yard. I started my craft supply collection then. When I was serving my LDS mission, making things is what I missed the most. Crazy huh. When I got home, I modge podged a dresser, and then married an artist. I like to make things... or think about making things.

Fast forward... Utah is an extremely crafty and 'mend and make do' kind of state. Crafty is part of the LDS young women's and Relief Society programs. We are taught to be resourceful and make things. So, after a while with just my name at the top of my blog, I decided to mimic the millions of crafty ladies in this state and just exclaim "I CAN MAKE IT". Originally I thought I was going to make this blog about craft tutorials and things I'd like to knock off, but I lost interest in it. There are so many other blogs out there doing the same thing. So for now, I'll just keep hoarding crafting supplies and make things when I can.

However... the lesson in all of this is, sometimes it isn't worth going home and making it. I appreciate artisans and I am willing to buy stuff from them that I can make because they are out there making an effort to make money off of their wares.

Make sense?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

:: DAY 1 ::

EEEK! That is really close up picture of myself. Do I have a big chin? This pic is very Jay Leno-esque... It was taken on 10/31/10 as we darted from house to house trick-or-treating in the pouring rain.

Today is the day I start blogging again (see post below). I'll try... really I will. But I am not known for finishing very many things. Okay, 15 things about myself.

1. I'm amazed that I am 32. I remember once asking my mom how old she was. She said she was 34. I was only 4 at the time. That is only 2 years away. I think I am still 19-21 year old Lori.

2. I really really like my hair. It is never "done" but it is strait and so manageable. I don't even really have to blow dry it. When I was younger I kept it long because I was secretly quite vain about it. The long hair didn't really bother me until I was at the end of my LDS mission. I was in FL and it was hot. Plus I had gained a lot of pounds and I was headed home in 3 weeks. I needed something to distract everyone from my new found girth. So I cut 2 entire feet off. 2 FEET! Amazingly enough... I've done that twice and donated it to Locks of Love.

3. I always say I love making things, but in reality I love planning to make things. Figuring out the design and shopping for supplies is my favorite part of the entire project. I really don't have time to make things.

4. I work from home. A LOT. I enjoy it. I enjoy the free quiet time in my "mom cave" as I work away. Working part time is harder than working full time. Balancing work and home is hard, but I really am so glad that I have a job.

5. I have a hard time getting pregnant. I wish I didn't because I'd like to have more kids before I am 35.

6. When I am in a bad mood, all I want is a Maverick mug full of Diet DP and to listen to Rancid. I don't think I was an angsty teen, but when I am grumpy I revert right back to the way I was when I was 18 (except I was drinking regular DP).

7. I love live music but (read: in my old age) I hate going to concerts. I've become to uptight about being in bars, and getting hit in the head with an elbow, and screechy microphones. I need a suite in the top of the Energy Solutions Arena where I can sit in a comfy chair and enjoy the music.

8. Speaking of music, I haven't listened to any of my CDs in years but I refuse to load them on my computer and get rid of them. I have about 300. I have made a few exceptions when I need new workout music and when I am in a bad mood (see #6).

9. I want my house to be an Anthropologie display.

10. I want my closet to be an Anthropologie store.

11. I want to be rich (and stick thin) so I can shop guilt free at Anthropologie.

12. That being said, I only own a few small items from Anthropologie.

13. I hate cooked fruit. I love desserts, but will never eat a fruit pie.

14. I want to go to Japan only to buy fabric and little silly trinkets.

15. If I had all of the money in the world, I would only wear a pair of socks one time. I absolutely love brand new socks. LOVE!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I saw this challenge on my cousin's blog and I thought it might help me get back into the habit of blogging. I've just been so busy with so many things that I forget to do what I enjoy. So... it starts tomorrow.

The thirty day blog challenge...

day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
day 2- the meaning behind your blog name
day 3- a picture of you and your friends
day 4- a habit that you wish you didn’t have
day 5- a picture of somewhere you've been to
day 6- favorite super hero and why
day 7- a picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
day 8- short term goals for this month and why
day 9- something you're proud of in the past few days
day 10- songs you listen to when you are happy, sad, bored, hyped, mad
day 11- another picture of you and your friends
day 12- how you found out about blogger and why you have one
day 13- a letter to someone
day 14- a picture of you and your family
day 15- put your ipod on shuffle: first 10 songs that play
day 16- another picture of yourself
day 17- someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have
day 19- nicknames you have and why you have them
day 20- someone you love
day 21- a picture of something that makes you happy
day 22- what makes you different from everyone else
day 23- something you crave for a lot
day 24- your last five facebook status'
day 25- what I would find in your bag
day 26- what do you think about your friends
day 27- why are you doing this 30 day challenge
day 28- a picture of you from last year and now, how have you changed since then?
day 29- in this past month, what have you learned
day 30- your favorite song
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