Saturday, March 19, 2011


HOLY SMOKES... I'm really good at follow through, eh? Day 3 stumped me because all of my photos of myself with friends are on our desktop that currently doesn't have a monitor connected to it (I stole the monitor for my work laptop). I'm to lazy to climb under my desk and unplug it and take it about 20 feet to the desktop and climb under that desk. Whew. Just wears me out thinking about it.

In the meantime, our oven broke. It is prehistoric so we are very happy. We decided we'd go through our home warranty and they are replacing it with a new one. We only have to pay about $30 for a new stainless range that matches our dishwasher. WOOT! If only I could get the fridge to break before July 1st. We can't even have the oven plugged in because the alarm saying something is wrong won't stop beeping. If I can't cook it on an electric skillet, we aren't having it. The new oven should be here by the end of next week.

I've worked almost 40 hours this week. Crazy...

My church Primary calling has become a full-time job this week, too.

My brother Jeff is in town with his family so we're going to my parents for a nice warm meal. With a broken oven we've eaten a lot of grilled cheese and pancakes. They better bake something!

I started drinking diet soda again. I went 2 weeks without it. I totally missed it. I've cut out all processed sugar from my diet and I don't miss it at all. But all I think about is Diet DP. I need to go to rehab. SO... I am allowed one a day. If I make it to 4:00 pm without one, I won't drink one. It is working pretty well so far. Moderation is best anyway right?

I feel really bad for the Japanese people. Last week I couldn't pull myself away from the videos showing the waves carrying buildings away. So sad.

I'm currently addicted to past seasons of ANY show that has aired on ABC Family. It is rather pathetic how quickly I cruise through these shows. They are always on in the background while I work.

That is all... my life is the same as always.

Now back to the regular blog silence that you are used to. Woot!

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