Monday, May 12, 2008

::I've found a replacement for treats::

WOOT! The boys are baa-aack! I'm serious. I am SO ready for this. Let me tell you a story::

In 1988, my family moved to St. Anthony, ID, from Carson City, NV. The following summer, we all went back to see our old friends. I stayed at Jaime's house and she introduced me to NKOTB. She had this poster on her wall that she kissed each night before bed. She had a pillow with Jordan's face on it and a little pin she wore on her "jean jacket". We were 10!! Sheesh. My friend dubbed me a copy of the tape and I went back to Idaho with a new obsession and was so excited to tell my friends all about the band.

Over the next few years, I am sure my bedroom looked a lot like all of yours. I bought every Tiger Beat and Teen Bop magazine and wallpapered my room with New Kids posters. My jacket was covered with "I love NKOTB" and "Donnie's Girl" pins. My mom wouldn't buy me all of the bedding or clothing. I did buy some socks from K-Mart for $2.00. My friend Lacey had all of the videos of concerts and the dolls. We would watch those videos every day after school and act out the scenes with the dolls. haha!

My obsession lasted as long as it could while I could still keep my "cool" rep, but secretly I held on a lot longer than that. New Kids came to SLC to a concert in 1990. Did any of you go? I did not get any tickets, but my mom did bring me to Ogden that weekend (I still lived in Idaho). She said she'd drive me by the Salt Palace to see the tour bus anyway. Unfortunately, that weekend also marked my first ride on the crimson wave and I refused to leave my Grandmother's house.

When I moved out of my parents house, I packed my New Kids stuff safely away in my cedar chest. I found a New Kids shirt at DI while I was attending Ricks College and wore it at least once a week. In 1999, I moved to SLC and lived with my Aunt Sally. Jordan Knight was putting out a solo album (that was no bueno) and was on a US Mall Tour. The South Towne Mall was on his list, and my cousin Lauren and I headed down for a free show. We casually hung out on the balcony and pretended we just happened across it. :) He was as cute as ever and I had butterflies in my stomach the entire time.

So - what I am saying is that I am SO READY for the KNOTB reunion to happen. Their blog is already bookmarked. I'm a geek... but admit it... you loved them, too.

(about the title:: I'm doing a Biggest Loser challenge with my family. I'm down 4 lbs this week! Woohoo!)


Ormeeheads said...

Oh, how I am laughing!!! I remember those days. Your jean jacket was the coolest!!! I was so jealous!! Ha, Ha

Jenny B said...

You transported me back to the good ol' days! They are performing on the Today show on Friday so you better not miss it. I have to admit that I am a little bit interested in the reunion-for all of us 30 somethings (you are almost there) that loved them 20 years ago (Ugh!), I hope it is all we have dreamed about :)

L&K Family said...

Wow! I'm very impressed with you NKOTB tribute. BTW, how did you lose 4lbs?!?! I can't lose a thing! Any help would be great!

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