Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Boy, this blog seems to be a real downer lately. I can't keep up with it. I don't feel guilty, though. Not one bit. I've been working my tail off and I just haven't transfered the pics from the camera, or even had much time to do anything.

I've started babysitting 5 days a week. I swore I'd never do it, but these kids really are fabulous. They are so pleasant. The 3 year old boy and Cohen play very well together and really I can ignore them while I hang out with the sweet little 18 month girl. I only watch them in the afternoon so it actually comes as a nice break. The extra cash is also very nice.

I've also been working almost every night for CaroneFitness.com. My new "Project Manager" title is a little stressful since we are all contract employees and there is no office. It is a lot of email and a lot of phone calls, but again, the extra cash is nice. I've also picked up a few tailoring projects and cleaned an apartment, so I help out financially when I can.

I feel like my life was more simple when I just worked one full time job. I seemed to be more productive, too. Oh well. I run on chaos and handle stress well for the most part. So the birds above have nothing to do with the post. I just thought I'd leave you with a picture of some of my favorite things around my house.

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AHEM said...

it's not a bore. i look forward to your new posts. i enjoy being inspired by your latest project.

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