Friday, July 10, 2009


Does "to" need two o's? This post is off to a poor start. I've been in a funky mood all week and I don't know why. I guess we had such a great vacation (next post) and I just realized how boring the everyday stuff can be. So, my bad mood will pass and so will my barrette making obsession.

For Bea and Ryan's new little June Bug.

For the Smyth Twins - Summer and Zoe

For Mandy and Garrett's soon to arrive Nora/Norah?

For Brandon and Bridget's yet to be named daughter.

I think I got those all correct. Anyway, it is fun and addicting and just takes a glue gun and scrapbook findings. I LOVE IT! Poor Piper has an over abundance. I'm out of control.


Kim said...

How cute!!! What lucky little girls :)

Tanya said...

Well at least you have a lot of people to give your obsession to. They are all beautiful, you're so talented.

And I hear you about after-vacation-funk. It's hard to get back to day-to-day life.

olivemylove said...

Hey Lori! Your crafts are all very inspiring. We really miss the ward. Our ward here is great, but we miss you guys.

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