Thursday, July 30, 2009

:: HE'S 5 ::

(blowing out the ScoobyDoo candle... I am so prepared)

I found the birthday pics. Whew... they were in the file with my writing samples I send out with my resume. Hmmm?

Cohen had decided he wanted a party with a "Jellyfish" theme. We figured water and a jellyfish cake would suffice. I bought and organized everything, and Mike made the cake and entertained the kids. Just the way I like it.

(The firing squad)

This was a really funny bunch of boys. They all did so great together and there was no crying. We bought them all squirt guns and filled up 200+ balloons, filled up a pool and hooked up the slip n' slide. They took care of themselves.

(The squirt guns were Mike's idea)

Mike was the ring leader. They chased him for 15 minutes having the best time.

(The gifts... and Cohen's plumber bum.)

(Water gun wars in action)

Overall the party was a success. Cohen said it was "TOTALLY AWESOME" and that is all that really matters. We love that he is five because now we don't have to tell him how many days until his birthday.


Julie Summerhays said...

WOW - can you believe how old our kids are getting? That doesn't make us old does it? Happy B-day Cohen!

Timmy said...

I have similar pictures floating around Mom's scrapbook. Bryan Cheyne's belly is pasty white and bloated, like a "for just 40 cents a day, you can help this kid" commercial.

Stephanie said...

You did great! Aidan had a blast too!

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