Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Own Bed

Since Thursday morning, we've been staying at Mike's cousin's house with their children while they go to her brother's wedding in Washington, D.C. I'm jealous. I love D.C. and wish I could visit often. I just want to go to Eastern Market (is that what it is called?) on Capitol Hill every Saturday morning. Of course, last time it was pouring rain so I could only pause for short moments to look at all of the neat treasures. Anyway... we're on day 4 of the the 6 day stay in Casa del Carone and I am starting to miss my bed. Luckily, these kids are great and Cohen is getting along with them very well. It is just a little hard to be displaced for an entire week and the commute to downtown (for Mike) is LOOOONG!

While being away from my "stuff", I have started longing to make something. I can't believe I didn't bring something to work on. Not that having 3 kids under age 5 leaves much time for crafting, but they go to be early enough.

All of my pictures of what I have been working on are on my computer at home, but I have leave you with a few links:

Needle books for SSS9 on
Outside of Needle books
Inside of Needle books

I'll be back on Wednesday (after a restful sleep in my own bed)!


Kim said...

It is always so hard being away from home. You'll sleep well in your own bed for sure :)

I love those needlebooks, they are awesome! Oh and I am SO excited I've found your flickr site! :)

dottie angel said...

oooh Lori that is where you have been..i left a little message on my blog last friday for you. when i didn't hear anything i guessed you were away...any how if you check out the results of my competition, the door has a name..the winner was Josephina but i tagged on Lola and so i would like to send you a few goodies for giving entering the can email me your address at and i will put them in the post..thanks :)

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