Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thrilled & Relieved

So, I just got a call from Mike's cousins that they have just landed safely in Salt Lake and they'll be home withing an hour. That means... I GET TO SLEEP IN MY OWN BED TONIGHT!! WAHOOOOOOO!

1. Miss DottieAngel herself liked my story about my grandmother Lola so much that she named her door after her. Now I get a little prize. I look forward to reading several blogs each day, but I must say, I ALWAYS read what Tif has to say. Every photo she posts is amazing and she makes absolutely beautiful stuff. If you've never read what she calls "ramblings", you must take a peak.

2. Mike just got pre-screening tickets for Harry Potter for a few days before opening. OH MY. For years I refused to read these books thinking they were children's fantasy - which I normally despise. It is just SO NOT my thing. While I was on maternity leave and recovering from my C-Section, I started reading book one and read the first four within a week. As you know I've recently reread them and I now I am bursting to see the next moving and read the final book. I officially declare myself a "POT"ter HEAD (and a total nerd).

I just heard the garage door!

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