Monday, June 18, 2007

Big B, Little B, What Begins With B?

Baby Bailee Berg...B,B,B

My photos are BACK... I guess 'back' also begins with B. (I knew Mike could fix it...*waves*...Thanks Dear!) Did any of you read that Dr. Seuss book? I sure loved it. My other favorite it "Wocket in My Pocket." I'm so glad it is one of Cohen's favorites, too.

I made this blanket for my friend Steph. She is due to have little Bailee on Friday by scheduled C-Section. Her older son Aidan is a little older than Cohen, but we both had crashing emergency C-Sections with our 9+ pound sons three years ago. As baby Bailee is measuring big, she has decided not to risk it. I don't blame her.

This blanket measures 40x40 inches. It really turned out cute and I used the most amazing batting. I wish I saved the packaging, because I'd like to find it again. I bought it at the Hobby Lobby in town. I am thrilled with the way it turned out. The middle appliqué is a bit stiff, but I think after a few washing the fusible webbing will break down a bit (I hope).

I've only done one other hand binding on a quilt before. My edges are a little messy. I need to learn how to do that. And...yes, of course I picked the best edge to photograph. I know you do it, too!

The shower was fun. I hope I have another little one soon. I forget how little those little ones are. Anyway, it is family night and I have mint brownies (What Diet?) in the oven. Gotta run!


Melissa R. Garrett said...

I love those colors! Great job!


Anonymous said...

Oh that is SO cute!!!!! Where is mine with a big A on it? ;) Ok, where is the Hobby Lobby in town??? I am so thrilled we are getting one up here! :)

miguette said...

I love the green print fabric, and with that pink? It's just lovely!

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