Thursday, August 16, 2012


This time of year is extremely busy for me at work. As mentioned before, I work for Carone Fitness. Because school is starting we have a lot to get ready for clients. Last week I worked over 60 hours and this week I am well on my way to getting there again... at times like this I feel like there is no end in sight. I know... I know... wawa! I have to work full time like a real person, but I just haven't really worked a 40 hour work week in about 5 years. But I've worked 3 40 hour weeks in only 2 weeks time. I'm tired. I had to leave my office yesterday before my butt came one with my chair. I went to a spin class, mowed the lawn, harvested the garden, and started sorting laundry (the time to hesitate is through - we're out of clean underwear around here!). Then I actually made my kids lunch, even though they prefer the bag of chips I've been throwing at them lately AND went to a wedding reception AND went to see Step Up Revolution (good company, terrible movie). Whew - it felt great to get out of my house but I was welcomed back to reality when I checked my email this morning.

I just wanted to take you on a photo tour of what happens when a mom does nothing but work for 2 weeks strait...

I'm pretty sure it is after noon - still in jammies and sitting in a pile of my hoard. I'm moved Mike's computer in my office so I could spend some 'quality time' with my kids while I work.

My cucumbers got huge and turned yellow. I ate one for breakfast. It tasted just fine... just had a lot of seeds.

A sink full of crooked neck squash - in fact, enough to feed all of the pilgrims and Indians. Who wants some? I'm the only one that eats is around here.

See that cute mail/paper organizer I made! Oh wait... at least they are off of the counter.

All of the laundry in the house has been gathered and semi separated. Now I need to finish sorting and start washing. I should probably make my bed while I am it.

What toy organizers?

Lego Lego Everywhere.

My kids can clean their own rooms, but I have to get them started. So there you have it folks... I've had a one track mind lately. GET MY WORK DONE! Things will go back to normal in a few weeks.

PS. I was tempted to show you the stack of soda cans and 7-11 cups that have collected in my office. It could rival a beer can tower in a frat house. I'll spare you the visual because I'm classy like that... and I don't want to be nominated for Hoarders.

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Lindsey said...

your garden is amazing! Seriously, I'm impressed!

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