Thursday, July 01, 2010

:: UPDATE ::

We've been really busy, but things have really calmed down and we're almost back to normal. I might add photos to this post later when I pull them all off of the camera. But, with the way things have been going, probably not. Here we go...


Piper turned 1! She was so cute and loved being the center of attention.
Piper's hair also was long enough to start putting it in pig tails.
We decided to buy a house.
Cohen lost his first tooth.
We attended the Mule Dear dinner with my family.


Cohen lost his second tooth.
We found a house and went under contract (thanks Obama! for the extra cash)
We dug up the flowers in Grandma's beds that we should have pulled up last fall.
I coached Cohen's soccer team. He actually enjoyed it this year.
Easter and General conference.


We had lots of visits from out of town guests.
Cohen finished Kindergarten.
We closed on our house but didn't get the keys.


We finally got the keys to the house and we're still not living there.
We've spent a lot of time fixing it.
My Grandpa Seegmiller passed away at the age of 94.
We planted Grandma's flower beds.
My sister Jenny had a baby #4 - Payton.
Attended the crazy Twilight: Eclipse midnight release party. CRAZY.

So now on JULY 1st I can't believe so much of Summer is gone. We have been waiting for carpet to be laid in our house for a full month now. Boooo! I sent off the first mortgage payment and can't even live there. Our carpet will be laid on July 12th, so we can start moving in the next day. Wahoo!


Jen said...

Congratulations on your new home! Where is it? I'd love you to post some pics when you get a chance!

Julie Thurgood Summerhays said...

Can't wait to see pics and I can't WAIT for you to GET in your house!!! Good luck with everything and thanks for the update - I've been terrible too - basement living is rad:)

Kristin Renee' Wynegar said...

Hey just wanted to drop in and tell you hi. i saw you on craft envy! Come visit me soon !! :) by the way, your children are precious!!

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