Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April Showers

What a surprise it was to see snow today... I don't know why. I've been glued to the nightly news to watch the coverage of the Virginia Tech tragedy. It seems like it would have slipped in my conscience (is that spelled correctly?) somehow. So, out I go in my flip flops and no coat like always. Sheesh. I'll figure out how to dress weather appropriate eventually.

Of course, I planned today to be "run-around" day. Nice. I headed to my cousin Lauren's office to pick up the stuff for her invitations marble magnets. She has such a cute invitation for her wedding. I am making 400 marble magnets using the same paper that the invite is printed on. She is sending them along with the invitations. A very cute idea, I must say. Listening to her talk about wedding plans made me want to re-plan mine... but only for a few minutes.

Then I ran to JoAnn's to pick up Mod Podge and E6000 (the magnets are sooooo strong). I think everyone else in the valley thought they'd run over there, too. Cohen was a trooper waiting in the long fabric cutting line (of course I bought fabric even though it wasn't on my list) and in the check out line. I am SO GLAD I put a diaper on him. I am sure it would have been tragic.

Now we are in our nice warm home. Cohen is watching Monsters, Inc. and I am deciding whether or not to work or craft... or sit on the couch and watch it with him. Days like this I wish I had a fireplace to lay in front of. Oh well... someday.

Speaking of fire, I made these matchbook sets for dear Leah. She loves Halloween and has a themed dining room, so this is the set for that room.

She has a teal kitchen, so I made a red and teal set for that room, too. These little buggers are addicting.
I decided to package them in little drawstring gift bags. I got the tutorial from a link on Craftster. I wish so badly I'd saved the link... I'll have to dig back through the thread I found it on. I would love to package up everything I give away in cute little coordinating bags.

Anyway, I thought they were cute. I need to post what I got from Leah. She sent me the MOST AMAZING package. Have a good snowy day!

**EDIT** The tutorial for the bags is found on the HappyThings blog. Here is the link! Enjoy!


Nicole said...

I love the matchboxes and the drawstring bags are awesome!! If you find that link forward it on over my way!!

Lori said...

I sure will, Nicole. It is super easy and they turn out so professional!

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