Wednesday, April 11, 2007


My home has become a workshop over the past few weeks. I have a lot of projects. I know I stated that last time, but it really is true. My friend's mother in law is teaching me how to do paper piecing appliqué and it is fascinating. I love it! I have to buy some basting glue before I can continue my project and I cannot wait for 9:00 am when Piper's (hello Nicole - I know you live over there somewhere) opens its cute little doors!

After my trip to Pipers, I am headed to meet my father in Ogden. He is buying me new tires. I love that I have a dad who still worries about me enough to pay for some new tires. Woohoo! After today, I'll have a lot of finished projects to share. The weather is gloomy and the light is not good, but I'll take photographs of what I've been working on before I have to send most of it off tomorrow. Of course it is for a swap! Haha!

So... the photos are coming! the photos are coming!

Love you all. Thanks for staying diligent for the last BORING month!


stacy said...

I took a class on paper piecing and thought it was great! I love how you can make intricate designs by using this method.

Nicole said...

Pipers is my is really bad to have a store that carries fabulous yarn and fabric less than a block from my home!! So Kim tells me you are an amazing seamstress....I am not! LOL I went to see Kim today and we were dicussing other visits an possible crafty get should come too! Your sewing expertise would be AWESOME! I am looking forward too seeing pics soon!!

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