Monday, July 23, 2007

It is Harry Potter's Fault!

Because last weekend was unofficially declared National "Read Harry-Potter-Until-Your-Eyes-Can't-Take-It-Anymore" weekend, I figured I need to honor the holiday and participate. HOLY MOLY. I'm not done yet, but MAN has Miss (Mrs?) Rowling done well for herself. I love it so far, and probably will continue loving it until the end. How sad that it is over. Mike and I are sharing the book, so I have to be patient for my turn. I fully expected him to take it on the bus with him this morning, but he left it. I had to physically make myself (I wish I had a wand) clean the house before I started reading. Luckily there was a SpongeBob marathon on TV today. **I can't believe I just admitted that** Anyway, I read myself to a -sort of- stopping point and vowed to finish binding Baby Mae's quilt before I picked it up again. (read: yeah right!)

Cohen's party was fun and he successfully turned 3. With the friends party, and 2 sets of grandparents and good neighbors, we've been celebrating for 4 days. He thinks he is pretty darned special.
I have accomplished one thing today (besides 100 pages of Potter), and successfully removed some toys from his room to make room for the new ones. I had no idea we've been to McDonald's that much. Sheesh. I threw away so many dumb Happy Meal toys. NO MORE! We sat on the floor in his room and he got to decide what to "give away" or "keep". I caught him once sneaking through the donation bag to pull out a Shrek toy.
We've had a great weekend. I can't believe my baby is already 3. Sheesh. Time flies. Now, back to my regularly scheduled crafting (read: Harry Potter reading).


Melissa R. Garrett said...

Happy birthday to your little one! My youngest just turned 2 on July 5th, and it's amazing to see the difference between a kid who is 2 and a kid who is 3. I can't imagine her being 3, really.

I'm reading Harry, too! Page 246. It's really difficult to get my work done during the day and tend to the kids when all I want to do is sit down and have one long read-a-thon!!

Kim said...

Seth saw this and said, "And that is my friend Cohen!" It was so fun to see you guys. We all miss you so much!!! Thanks for turning 3 big boy! We had fun!

Samsara said...

Happy Birthday to the nipper! Sounds like he had a great party :-)
Saturday was HP day here too - I think it was read it as fast as you can before someone tells you what happened *lol* I had a complete tv, newpaper and internet ban in the house till I'd finished. I wasn't taking any chances. My Brother texted me to tell me the owl did it *sigh* little brothers eh? They never grow up!

marta said...

super duper cute. love the little favors. what a fun day.

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