Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Marathon Begins

I decided I wasn't going to get anything done if I didn't just finish ol' Harry Potter so I stayed up until 2:00 am this morning and endured. WHAT AN ENDING, EH? It didn't end like I thought it would, but I am very pleased. It was a great read. Then I stayed up another hour thinking about it. Of course the house was SO QUIET and I was sure some masked man was going to come through my closet and get me. Either that or a giant snake. I finally fell asleep watching HGTV "Design on a Dime" reruns.

As you see, I kept my promise of getting baby Greta Mae's quilt finished. Yesterday was a holiday (in Utah we celebrate the Mormon Pioneers coming to the state on July 24) and my MIL had a barbecue. Dinner was running late, so I stitched and stitched while it was Mike's turn to read the book. I think it is one of my favorite blankets so far. The linen type fabric was nice to work with, and there was minimal patchwork, so it didn't get monotonous. I decided to use one solid fabric for the back and I am glad I did. Initially I wanted to make small patchwork on one side and the more solid linen, strip of patchwork, and embroidery on the other. I am glad I simplified and went with one solid piece.

Now that it is packaged and on the its way to Scottsdale, the marathon of other projects must begin. I've made myself a schedule with start dates and deadlines. I can't believe I worked for two years as a project manager. Haha! I've been dealing with deadlines so lazily.

I'll leave you with some fun photos from last night's Pioneer Day celebration. Cohen dared to finally hold a sparkler, but got over confident and gave himself a nasty burn on his neck.

We celebrated at my in law's house with cousins, Aidan & Perry, and Great Grandma Latteier. My FIL, Dave, escaped to the backyard, but I found him.

Have a great week!


H E A M said...

I can't wait to get it and snuggle little mae in it. thanks lori! so cute, i love the color/fabric choice! hooray.

Jenn Maruska said...

I finished Harry Potter at 2:00 am as well, three days after I got it. It was nice reading it into the night - it's quiet then. I agree - what a good read and a nice ending.

Your baby quilt is very sweet - I esp. like your color choices : )

Felicia said...

The book was indeed wonderful. I'm so glad it worked out the way it did :)

Grifter said...

Ah more cyber-front on which we reconnect. Supoib.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you don't mind me in here, stinking up the place and what not.


Joe G

H E A M said...


we recieved the blanket today and i love it. we are calling her "mae", so it's perfect. thank you.


E said...

Your best work yet

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