Monday, August 13, 2007

Back in Black

Um... I think I look most like Charlize Theron... what do you think? Well maybe what she looked like in her roll in Monster. And for years I dreamed that I could get hair like Christina Applegate as Kelly Bundy. Maybe in my next life. This is fun though... I think this picture is the first one that I haven't come back with more dude's faces that chicas.

I've been sewing. I went through my WIP pile and found everything that needed all black thread. I am such a baby and really hate rethreading my machine. I've made a few throw pillows and a few bags and am now working on my Homecoming Dance Swap items. Luckily, my ladies are requesting several items that require black thread. We'll see how long my black thread spree will last.

I don't have any pictures to show. Cohen and I are going to spend the afternoon at JoAnn Fabrics because I've got my 40% coupon and I need a lot of cherry prints for a quilt I need to get to gettin' on. Did you know that you can get the JoAnn mailer coupons AND the email coupons? If you already get the mailer, you can use the same forms (the have them at the checkout counter) and just put your name and email address - not your physical address. DOUBLE COUPONS BABY!

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