Thursday, August 23, 2007

5 Years Already!

I have had quite a busy few weeks. Cohen and I have had to be out of the house by 9:00 am every morning almost 10 days strait (I know... poor us, but we're used to taking it a little slower). Today I took the opportunity to finish my book (which I totally loved) and let Cohen eat breakfast and watch TV in his towel for an hour. After a trip to the post office, library, and Target, I came home and uploaded all of the photos from my camera. Cohen has been asleep for 3 hours now and I have just finished. The house isn't clean and Mike will be home any minute, but a list of several things that just needed to be done, are done.

We celebrated our 5th Anniversary this month and it is amazing how far we've come. GOSH! Look how young and (read: and skinny) we are! It doesn't feel like a day has gone by, but we're happier and more in love than we've every been. The photo taken above was one of our engagement photos taken by my photographer-turned-microbiology major sister.

And here we are, a little fatter, still enjoying each other. I'm glad to be married. My absolute favorite part of being married is that it no longer takes 3-4 hours to say good-bye every night. Maybe we're so happy because we're so well rested.

Our Anniversary was low key and we did what we always do. We drove to Park City and stayed in a cheap condo, ate sushi, and went to the Park City Art Festival. It always falls on our Anniversary weekend, so we go. This time, I ate the best sushi roll I'd ever had in my life. I wish I could remember what it was called and exactly what was in it. I know it had tuna and a whole lotta goodness!

I love you, babe! I'm glad we're married and I'm glad that still like each other as much as we love each other! You're the best!


Mandy said...

Congratulations on five years, that's a huge accomplishment! I hope things are going well for you, I miss hearing about what's going on with you from Garrett!

Timmy said...

Congrats Lori! I liked your like=love comment at the end. Reminds me of pops!

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