Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Greener Side

I continue to contemplate whether or not I should go back to work. I deeply miss my job, coworkers, and the sense of satisfaction that comes with completing a task at hand and getting a paycheck. However, the boy above brings me back to reality and makes me wonder how I could even think about going back to work. The grass is always greener...or in this case, that crazy slide...and I just need to be happy with whatever "side" I am sitting on.

There are a million things to be grateful for while staying home. Here I am sitting in my jammies at 7:30 am rather than running out the door to get to work on time. That makes me happy. Yesterday Cohen and I killed 5 hours in an almost empty mall doing nothing and had a great time (All of the stores in Cottonwood Mall are closed because they are rearing up for renovations next year) and walking around our little neighborhood. It was fun, and he is such a good sport. I've never waiting for a car repair with my boy in tote. It was much better than having my coworker drop me off to pick up my car.

I don't get as much done as I want to, but that is okay. The house is a little messy, the dishes aren't always done, but man we are becoming the masters of CandyLand and spend a lot of time at the park. I may not be getting paid, but I sure am being loved. That makes it work it.


stacy said...

I'm glad you're enjoying being a SAHM! Enjoy while you can - they seem to grow up so fast... and I miss Candyland! LOL

Kim said...

Aw, look at that sweet boy! I know what you mean, it's hard being a sahm, but so worth it! You're doing great Lori!

Lindy said...

Lori, I feel your pain and your joy. We have the little should-I-start-looking-for-a-job discussion on a weekly basis, it seems. I honestly don't know how we'll make it work, but all I can do is hope. Can your "job" be your etsy shop? Can you sell on ebay? Or is that not enough $$? I have no idea, I'm just rambling.

J and J Bowen said...

Hey Lori thanks for the comment notice I think you are the only one. but life has been good one thing i didn't blog was how last week after a bit of a sleepless night we got up to go to mommy and me swim time and when i got the baby out of the car she wasn't even buckled in!!! needless to say i felt like calling child services on my self. after i threw-up a little and then started crying because I'm a "terrible mom and i have no idea what i'm doing. I think heavenly father has more faith in us then that though, to I say keep up the fight and join all the other mom's who are working hard at being their best for today!!! tah tah

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