Monday, June 16, 2008


We've been sick this weekend. I didn't even post a "Happy Father's Day" post for Mike. He really is the best, though. He told us not to worry about getting him anything (so in typical Donnie - my mom - fashion, I really didn't) and he said he'd take care of it. So, he shopped and wrapped gifts and put them on the table. I was surprised that for Father's Day he gave us gifts. The poor guy didn't get a thing. Well, I did make waffles and his mom gave him a card, but I felt a little sheepish. However, he bought me a subscription to CRAFT for the year. YAHOO! Anyway, I'm not too fond of the weird cold that we all have. Cohen started it and we all followed.

I attended the wedding ceremony and reception for one of my mission companions this weekend. Ariane and I served together twice in FL. The ceremony was in the most beautiful garden and the day was gorgeous. I sat in the sun and just wished that I felt better. But she was beautiful and happy, and that is what mattered most.

And... on washing fabric. I only do it about 1/2 of the time. I get lazy or forget or get so excited about starting the project that I just dive in. I've started to go back and wash all of my fabric and it has been fun to sort through it and see what I have in there. The fabric pictured above is going to be a blanket for one of Mike's coworkers. Tis the season for baby gifts. Sheesh, I've got a lot of pregnant friends right now.

Life isn't too exciting. I need to go grocery shopping in a bad way. We're out of everything. While dieting, it seems easier to open the cupboard and see nothing there. It makes me feel like I have so much will power. On the diet update, I am down 11 pounds. I need run a tighter ship on the diet front and get going if I am ever going to make it to -30 by September 1st. Mike is already down about 20 lbs which is INSANE! He looks great. We're determined to win the contest ($100 in September and $1000 in January) and it has been fun to do it together. Sometimes my favorite parts of the evening is when we sit and talk about how good some ice cream would be while we drink another glass of water. YEAH... that rocks.


MarKay said...

Sorry you've been sick :( But great news on your weight loss! How do I sign up for that contest?? jk

Jenny B said...

SO, my comment is the same as the one posted already by markay. We haven't done too good on the weight loss thing-I need to kick it into gear!

Suzanne said...

11 pounds is 11 pounds! I think we as "bigger" people are too quick to make losing 11 pounds into not a big deal... if a skinny person loses 11 pounds.. that could be their ultimate goal and make them so happy.. but when 11 pounds is only a fraction of what we want to lose it seems less important. But its not. Every pound is hard and should be treated as a victory! You should pat yourself on the back lady! :)

Ormeeheads said...

Lori, I think 11 pounds is awsome! Your one third of the way there. You sould feel good.

Liz said...

I love the baby blanket material you crafty and talented lady you. I am sad that you and Mike have to go be "fancy pants" at your party. I hope it works out for you guys to come to the BBQ for a bit at least.

Stephanie said...

sorry you've been sick. NO fun at all. Get better so we can go play already would ya? lol
speaking of playing are you coming to bunco tomorrow??

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