Saturday, June 20, 2009


I did decide to do gifts for Cohen's teachers. I wish I would have put a little more thought into it.I just made them earrings and gave them some jam.

If you live in Salt Lake City and have a 4 year-old, go down to the Granite School district offices and request these two ladies. They are FANTASTIC!

On a side note, after receiving a pair of earrings and matching bracelet as a thank you for making a bag, I've decided I need to learn to make jewelry better. I used to be really into it and wore about 20 necklaces and bracelets at a time. I had so many that I had to wear that number so I could wear them all. Then one day, I took most of them apart and put the beads back in my supply box. That was end the end of it.


Tanya said...

Those earrings are so cute! I love seeing your crafts.

Kirst said...

Awesome gift. I am up for anything as long as it is not lotion and soap. I have so much.

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