Friday, October 23, 2009


This year for Halloween, Cohen has had the hardest time deciding what he wants to be. His only requirement be that it had a mask. UGH. Anyway, finally today about 5 hours before our Halloween party, he decided that he would be Iron Man. Nothing better than hearing your kid sing a little Black Sabbath from the back seat all day long. I AM IRON MAN - Dun nun dun nun nuh nuh nuh nuh!

Piper didn't really have much of a say when I asked her what she wanted to be. I saw these cute flower combos in the scrapbook section and I knew I wanted her to wear a big Halloween flower on her head (I know... I am eating my words of me never allowing big flowers). I found some matching tulle and made her a little tutu. I guess you could say she is a cute little witch.

I wish I was able to make Cohen's costume, but super heroes are a little tricky for me. Maybe next year he'll want to be something that I can craft. I love making costumes.


B&B Goldsberry said...

Cute cute!! That is what little Braylie is! :) She has a tutu and those same leggings! I even made her some little witch shoes! lol!! Super cute kids!

Petit Elefant said...

I can't believe you WANT to sew his costume. I'm so grateful my kids have chosen hodge podge costumes this year for me to throw together.


But then again, the title of your blog IS I can make it.

Julie Summerhays said...

AWW - little cuties!!! We are total Target costume people - does it count if I WISH I could be original???

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