Sunday, August 19, 2012


Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day cleaning and organizing my office. I was completely buried under a pile of paper and toys (read: When I work a lot, my kids relocate to the office and play at my feet. I really should take a picture next time it happens. I know it will happen again because I can't stay on top of my cleaning, or work for that matter). It isn't a cute office/craft room like I see all over Pinterest, but it is tidy and functional. (after looking at these photos, I need more uniform storage containters... that would help)

The only decor I have in the entire room... and some printers.

Computer, Cricut Cartridges, adhesives, scrapbook embellishments, buttons, punches, work stuff

Sewing and Cutting station (or kids area for when they join me)

Ribbon holder (that is usually on the back of the door), fabric, paper, In the dresser I store yarn and office supplies. I need to figure out what to do with that ironing board.

Overall I think it works for me... It is really dark in there, though. I have 3 different lamps to use depending on where I am sitting.

And - because I was recently released as Primary President, I now have Sunday mornings to craft away. So Pippy gets to wear a new dress to church today.

Pattern: New Look 6695
Fabric: Riley Blake
Trim: Neon Orange for sale by the Yard at JoAnn


charith said...

I love that chevron fabric. And the dress. And nice touch with the contrast color at the hem. So cute!

T. Driaza said...

That is a darling dress. I'm pretty sure being the amazing mom you are, you are allowed to get behind on cleaning. :) It looks great!

Lindsey said...

SO cute, and I'm just jealous you have a house, let alone a little craft room!

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