Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I just wanted to share some of the things I purchased this weekend. If you didn't make it this weekend, luckily you can pick up this sweet loot online. Viva la Etsy!

This sweet little painting is from It really is little, too. Probably 4" x 3". Darling... and for $8 it was such a steal. I wish I would have bought all of the little portraits. This girl does amazing artwork. Be sure to browse her flickr account, too. LOVELY!

This pirate print is hanging in Cohen's newly themed pirate room (it has a them when the toys aren't covering EVERYTHING!). It is from Gumball Grenade Illustrations. I bought it unframed and it only cost $10. Darling!!

I've been hesitant to put vinyl on my rental walls, but when I realized it peels off quite easily, I started browsing Etsy for some vinyl art (not so much a fan of the words everywhere). I bought this cute owl for only $8 and he is such a nice addition to our living room. I think he is so cute. I don't have the website handy (Cohen is on the Mac where I have all of my bookmarks) but I will update it one day while I'm on the other chair.

And... look at these sweet little notecards from Ashley Giessing. They are 2.5" x 3.5" and just waiting to come your way. I loved those sad little eyes instantly. Again, at only $3 I should have bought more.

side note: The book underneath the note cards is what I am currently reading. It is good so far. I've added the last two books I've read to the side bar. I wouldn't really recommend them. They weren't bad but I didn't really think they were great, either. I've got most of your recommendations on hold at the library and I am looking forward to them.


AHEM said...

i have had my eyes on that wall owl for some time. such a great find

stacysews said...

Cute stuff! The pirate picture is my favorite!

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