Friday, February 08, 2008

Weekend of crafty goodness!

I went to a great little boutique (Oh Sweet Sadie!)in Herriman today. Besides the fact that it was a 45 minute drive and I had to park around the corner, it was AWESOME! I picked up some lovely goodies and I'll take pics later to show you my fabulous finds. OH wait until you see my little painting! Tomorrow I'm on my way to Art Market in Sugarhouse and then in the evening I vow to make something. Both shows are running Saturday, Feb. 9th.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm so glad you found us in cyberland... I love that you are so crafty, I want to be as good as you someday...I'm just pretending in the meantime :)
I hope I can make it to the big craft fair, I never buy anything...but I love the ideas (and the food).
Can I link you from my blog??? (if you don't want me to it's okay, I don't want you to have uninvited stalkers - aka people like me who love reading strangers blogs) ...Suzie.

Kristen Klingler said...

Can i just say dito to suzie, I love to snoop around other blogs but it is especially fun to see people I know! Your little Cohen is such a cutie!

AL&G said...

I am excited to see your great finds, and to hear about your latest inspiration. What's the babysitting countdown? Let's get together outside of tumbling soon.

MarKay said...

You are seriously crafty! I love coming to you blog so I can steal all of your ideas. BTW- love the new look.

Rusti said...

I got to go to that on Saturday. It was awesome! Lucky for me it's only 5 mins from my house.

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