Tuesday, July 15, 2008

:: The Oracle ::

No, I am not talking about The Neverending Story (although, since I mentioned it... once I made Mike rent it for me because I remember it being SO RAD. After almost 20 years of not seeing it, it was no longer so rad. But, I still think that wearing a necklace on my forehead is a good look). By "oracle" I mean YouTube.com. I used to think it was Google, but YouTube has treated me well in the past few weeks.

On July 3rd, I spent the day watching the Expert Village segments on how to make balloon animals. Mike volunteered to tie balloon animals at our July 4th neighborhood breakfast and I felt like contributing. Cohen was in heaven as I was throwing animal after animal his way. Our house looked like a fun house for a few days.

Then last week as I was beginning this blanket, I decided I'd learn to make a bias binding the correct way. WOWZER!! It was awesome. I also learned how to connect it correctly and do a perfect mitered corner. And then, I learned how to connect the two loose ends of binding so that it was invisible. Thank you Internet Gods!

I can't believe how much better this plain little blanket looks. Then as I moved on to a new project, I needed my Even Feed Foot for my sewing machine. Of course the manual is nowhere to be found. But YouTube to the rescue. I typed in my machine model and make and "walking foot" and VOILA! There is was.

God Bless You, YouTube! Now, if only I could watch YouTube to figure out why the dress I made myself last Saturday looked so much like a MooMoo housecoat. Anyway, I am pleased with this blanket and have started working on the other one that needs to be done by Thursday morning. Sheesh! Everyone I know is pregnant.


Suzie Young said...

I learned how to make bias tape last month as well...as for corners on blankets, I'm still an amateur.
Also, you know me and I'm not pregnant. Cute blanket.

Rusti said...

I love YouTube! I've been using it like crazy lately for all sorts of tutorials.

That blanket is super adorable!

Debbie said...

I had no idea YouTube was such a wonderful resource. I will have to use it more often! I love your blog!

Tanya said...

I didn't know I could find tutorials on youtube! I'm excited to check it out because I'm barely starting to dabble in sewing. I'll be needing some help.

The Rasch's said...

How are you doing? I looked on Liz's blog and saw your name so I ventured over and it is so cute. I love the snippets that you have. Of course we will be there this weekend so we might see you at the pool or just walking. Thanks for always being so nice, Mardi

JC Photography said...

You are AMAZING!

Rusti said...

Hey- where did you go?? What's new lady!?

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