Monday, July 14, 2008


I have been in work mode and I seriously have not even stopped to check my email... unless it pertains to a certain thing coming up this week (more on that Monday). It has been so fun and I think my sewing machine is delighted to get back into shape. I have one more baby blanket that I need to make and then I'll rest for a week, or two.

Mike took a few days off last week (for our canceled Disneyland trip) and we did a bunch of errands. We first met with a lender and confirmed that we are indeed poor and can buy the shed in your back yard. It was a little disheartening, but I'm over it. Maybe next year we can buy a home. It was very nice to have him home. We got new glasses and went on a hike and ate at Gandolfo's and cleaned the house. I have so many pictures to show, but I have not been able to sit down and download them all from the camera.

For the above mentioned "thing", I did have a chance to go through my pictures and laugh for a few good hours. I want to share two of my favorites.

This photo is my mom and my Grandma Seegmiller. They are making cinnamon rolls on the morning of my mission homecoming report. My grandma's hair was always done before anyone saw her in the morning. I wonder if I'll ever get succumb to the "get it done every Friday" hair do? I have had a little orphan Annie perm before (given by Grandma Seeg), so I can totally picture it.

This picture is circa 1986 or 1987. I was in the Sierra Sunset Baton Corp and here we are marching down Main Street Reno, NV in the Nevada Day Parade. I can't believe it was that warm at the end of October. I'm the blondie in the front with the excessive bangs. But is what I wanted to really want to show you is how much gas was that week. One can only dream. I have a feeling there are going to be a bunch of flashback pictures on the blog this summer. I think they are so funny.

Oh... and about the post title... our air conditioner and furnace are the originals and are 30 years old. Most of our apartment is west facing and at about 3:00 pm, the sun is glaring right in our bedroom and living room window until sunset. YUCK! I haven't opened the curtains in weeks. What is most sad about this is that our AC can't keep up. Therefor, our apartment is SO HOT! I try not to turn it on until 4:00 pm, but sometimes I cave in. I am not eager for the power bill this month. Last July it was over $200 to cool our 900 square feet. RIDICULOUS! Best yet, the maintenance swears there is nothing wrong. Lame.


Kim said...

Love the bangs Lor! But even more, I love the gas prices! That's about what prices were when I started driving 17 years sad.
Sorry about your ac, I remember how hot your apartment got, it sucks!

Kirst said...

That baton picture makes me think of you dancing around and doing tricks in our apt back at Ricks

B&B Goldsberry said...

Hey!! It is Bridget Goldsberry.. The first summer that we moved in our apartment was so dang hot and we could not get it cooled down and just about died of heat. We had them come check it and they said it was perfectly fine. We got some of those things you put on the vents to direct the air which helped a little. The next summer was a little better and this summer so far it has been just fine. We turn in on in the morning around 9 or 10 at about 75 degrees and keep it on (it never shuts off) until we go to bed.. then we sleep with the windows open. I was really scared to get the bill, but it was only 70.00. Our windows face west too, and we live on the top floor. We also bought a celing fan and installed it on our bedroom which helps move the air a little better. I hope that helps!!

Lauren Ricci said...

I love the picture of Grandma. I as well had the little orphan Annie perm and to make it worse, my hair was red!

Can't wait to hear what all the mystery is about :-)

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