Monday, August 04, 2008

:: The End ::

So - I am sure that most posts in blogland today will be about this stupid book. :) My thoughts are that I thought is was pretty good. There were a few too many "Are you kidding me?" type moments, but at least I only found about 3 typos (compared to the first book... yikes!). I thought it ended very sweetly, especially the last two pages. The last chapter is very appropriately named "Happily Ever After". I don't want to give anything away for those who haven't read it. It didn't end the way I predicted, but at least Meyer kept the vampire/human/wolf conflict going. I was glad to see that didn't end. But, it is always a little sad when I anticipate things almost to an obsession and they end. I think that is the worst part. What are your thoughts on it? Does anyone know of a good series that I can read?


The Summerhays Family said...

Haven't read it yet - guess I'm not as big as fan as I thought I was! I hope I like it - I have heard mixed reviews so far!! - Oh, and happy anniversary!!! Time flies eh???

AHEM said...

yes happy anniversary. you both look like kids in your wedding picture.

i am currently #66 of 443 on the waiting list for the library. i'll let you know what i think when i eventually get it.

EdwardsFam said...

Lori - this is your old acquaintance Trish (merrill). I was just blog surfing out of boredom and I got to yours through Lindsay's. I just finished Breaking Dawn also. My thoughts were pretty similar to yours. It was pretty good. I like happy endings and I was glad she got the whole Edward and Jake thing figured out so everyone was happy, but there definitely were "are you serious," moments (good description). Plus some of the pages of dialouge between the "wolf pack" got to be a little mundane.. Not the best written series, but the plots were so original I loved it!

J and J Bowen said...

Maybe I'm mean, but I was mad Jacob and also Bella were both happy at the end...but glad for Edward?
I had to stop reading it a few times because of the ridiculousness. As for a Series? Let me know but have you read Three Weeks With My Brother-Nicholas Sparks I really enjoyed it.

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