Friday, August 01, 2008

:: And He is 4 ::
I start this post how all mothers start birthday posts... "I can't believe he is already (insert age here)." Really though, has that much time really gone by?!?

Cohen couldn't decide what kind of birthday party he wanted. First he suggested Build-a-Bear. We looked into it... No thanks. Then he said Transformers. Fine. I bought Optimus Prime plates and napkins. Then we went on a hike and decided he wanted a "Walking" party. Fine. I can lead kids on a "hike" around the neighborhood. Then he decided he wanted to have a swimming pool cake. Fine. I left that up to Mike, though.

When Tim (my now 25 year old brother) turned 6 or 7, my mom planned a "hobo" themed party for him. It always stuck out in my mind as a pretty funny idea. I decided Cohen was a good age to go gallivanting across the great wide open (read .19 miles from the church parking lot to the little park around the corner) and live the life of a hobo (for 1.5 hours with plenty of processed snacks and parental supervision).

We packed up our lunches in rucksacks (look at how confused the kids all are in that picture) and started out on our journey. I thought that herding 8 4-year-olds wouldn't be too hard, but my niece Bekah, Mike, and my neighbor Nicki all had to help make sure they kept up. It was a fun time, but they were so ready to dive into their lunches after their long trip. My nephew Rhett (in the yellow shirt) said to me, "That sure was big hike. I sure am thirsty and hungry for Chips."

I'm so glad that Mike took the day off of work to help me out. I underestimated my powers. The boys happily ate their lunches... of course Mike had to challenge them to the a "Biggest Bite" contest. By the way, have you ever tried Uncrustables? DISGUSTING! They have as much fat and calories as a McDonald's cheeseburger. Blech!

Mike was better than any other entertainment I could have possibly come up with... at least for a bunch of 4 year-olds. Seriously though, I cannot even express the gratitude I had for him that day.

Cohen got his "swimming" cake. Mike decorated it to look like the deck of a pool, complete with floaties. AKA sour apple rings.

Overall I think it was a success. Cohen got to take his friends on a hike, eat lunch at a park, eat his swimming cake on Optimus Prime plates and wipe his dirty face with Decepticon napkins. He couldn't have been more thrilled. However, in the future, I don't think I'll be as accommodating.


Debbie said...

It looks like so much fun Lori! What a fun day for you 4 year old!

Jen said...

It looks like your party was a great success. I can't believe Cohen is already four. Time does fly by quickly. Hope that everything is going great in general.

Stephanie said...

It really was a fun party. Aidan had a great time.

The Summerhays Family said...

You are such a fun Mom!!! Love the "pool" cake:)

Lauren Ricci said...

mzlI think everything looks great! I especially love the floaties! You and Mike are great creative parents and I will definitely be calling on you when I have one of my own :-)

P.S. I never realized uncrustables had that much fat. YUCK!

bev said...

that looks like a lot of fun and you look GREAT!!!

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