Wednesday, August 20, 2008

:: Puttering Around ::

So, I realized it has been awhile since I've written here, even though I've written LOADS in my personal journal. Right now I just like the feel of ink on paper. We've been pretty busy just puttering around and watching the Olympics. I don't even really have much to say. We did visit Central Utah for our friends Sam & Andrada's wedding. I've never really been through the part of Central Utah that is not along the I-15 corridor. If wasting gas is ever in our budget again, maybe I'll go explore more. I hear there is a lot to see off of those back roads. Anyway, until I am ready to post something more blog worthy, here is what the happy couple would look like if they were a neon sign in Las Vegas.

(I think this is one of Photoshop's most random Filter options.)

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