Wednesday, July 30, 2008

:: We Pulled It Off ::

In January my siblings started having a conversation about how much fun it would be to throw my parents a party for their 60th birthdays. Plus, my mom was graduating with her Masters degree and my dad was talking about retiring. We thought we could roll it all into one big shindig. Little did we know that when we put our five Sessions heads together we'd come up with such an elaborate plan.

We picked a date. We figured out how we would all get to Ogden on the same weekend (including my brother Tim who lives his summers in Alaska). We set a budget (and went over it). We made a guest list. Then, we decided to make it a surprise party, especially because my parents aren't big on having people dote on them.

My sister Lyn (with the help of Aunt Shantal) found this amazing pavilion that was FREE for use and shady and pretty and easy to find. It didn't need much decoration... just a leaf blower and my crafty touch.

(I have about 35 of these cans and globes. If you are in the SLC valley and need a quick decorating from something, these can be yours. Just email me.)

Lyndsey and her MIL, Brenda, put together an simple, yet not at all low budget, picnic spread and served our 100+ guests buffet style.

Mike designed invites and my brother Jeff hijacked my parents address book and sent out about 150 invites to old friends and family. My parents have lived in many cities so it was interesting to see who came from how far. There was at least one representative from almost every town that we've lived in. Because Tim was flying from Alaska for the weekend, we wanted to let him hang out with my parents for at least a full day, so we decided to surprise them in the morning rather than at the actual party.

We all met at the church parking lot down the road and started trickling into their house one by one. I went first (we used Cohen's birthday as an excuse to visit them that morning so they were expecting me) followed by all of the grandkids and then my siblings. I don't think my parents knew what was going on until Tim walked in holding a video camera and started explaining why we were all at their house. I don't know if they were more surprised or embarrassed, but the moment was priceless and lots of tears were shed (mostly by me and my dad... we have overactive tear ducts). It was fantastic and I hope it made up for all the years that we weren't the most wonderful (except Lyn... she's always been the good one) children.

This is my oldest brother Jeff, the master party planner behind it all. He is my oldest brother and lives in Boise, Idaho. AKA the address book hijacker and link to my parents last 34 years. He remembers EVERYBODY!

This is my older sister Jenny (and her chubby cheeked son Austin). She lives in Las Vegas, NV. I had to use this picture of her because I cannot believe how much she looks like my mom in this picture. Jenny was our accountant and time line keeper. Every time we'd slack a little, she'd cracker her bull whip and we'd be back on track.

This is the amazing Lyndsey, my younger sister, who lives in Ogden, Utah, and is sweeter than all of my siblings put together. She put together an amazing menu and booked and amazing venue and did it all with a smile on her face (at least in front of the curtain... she was probably a little frazzled behind the scenes).
And, my youngest brother Tim, who joined us from Skagway, Alaska. Having him there was the icing on the cake. My parents could not believe we got him home for 2 days. Being the youngest, of course he has to be the best at all things electronic. He put together a fantastic tribute to my parents that left the audience laughing and crying at the same time (0kay... again, it was only Pops and I that were really crying).

It was a success. My mom's outfit even matched the decorations. Everyone had a good time and it was so fun to see so many old faces. I could not believe the distance some of the guests drove. My parents are truly loved by most they come in contact with. It was an excellent time had by all.

This picture pretty much sums it up. We've been looking forward to this party all summer and now were are all so relieved that it is over. Thanks for the good time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

:: The Oracle ::

No, I am not talking about The Neverending Story (although, since I mentioned it... once I made Mike rent it for me because I remember it being SO RAD. After almost 20 years of not seeing it, it was no longer so rad. But, I still think that wearing a necklace on my forehead is a good look). By "oracle" I mean I used to think it was Google, but YouTube has treated me well in the past few weeks.

On July 3rd, I spent the day watching the Expert Village segments on how to make balloon animals. Mike volunteered to tie balloon animals at our July 4th neighborhood breakfast and I felt like contributing. Cohen was in heaven as I was throwing animal after animal his way. Our house looked like a fun house for a few days.

Then last week as I was beginning this blanket, I decided I'd learn to make a bias binding the correct way. WOWZER!! It was awesome. I also learned how to connect it correctly and do a perfect mitered corner. And then, I learned how to connect the two loose ends of binding so that it was invisible. Thank you Internet Gods!

I can't believe how much better this plain little blanket looks. Then as I moved on to a new project, I needed my Even Feed Foot for my sewing machine. Of course the manual is nowhere to be found. But YouTube to the rescue. I typed in my machine model and make and "walking foot" and VOILA! There is was.

God Bless You, YouTube! Now, if only I could watch YouTube to figure out why the dress I made myself last Saturday looked so much like a MooMoo housecoat. Anyway, I am pleased with this blanket and have started working on the other one that needs to be done by Thursday morning. Sheesh! Everyone I know is pregnant.

Monday, July 14, 2008

:: Star-spangled Banner ::

I meant to post this on July 4th, but I forgot until now. What is better than Gogol Bordello playing the Star-spangled Banner? If you have not see Everything is Illuminated, I recommend you get to your local library and check it out. I believe it to be one of the best movies EVER!

I have been in work mode and I seriously have not even stopped to check my email... unless it pertains to a certain thing coming up this week (more on that Monday). It has been so fun and I think my sewing machine is delighted to get back into shape. I have one more baby blanket that I need to make and then I'll rest for a week, or two.

Mike took a few days off last week (for our canceled Disneyland trip) and we did a bunch of errands. We first met with a lender and confirmed that we are indeed poor and can buy the shed in your back yard. It was a little disheartening, but I'm over it. Maybe next year we can buy a home. It was very nice to have him home. We got new glasses and went on a hike and ate at Gandolfo's and cleaned the house. I have so many pictures to show, but I have not been able to sit down and download them all from the camera.

For the above mentioned "thing", I did have a chance to go through my pictures and laugh for a few good hours. I want to share two of my favorites.

This photo is my mom and my Grandma Seegmiller. They are making cinnamon rolls on the morning of my mission homecoming report. My grandma's hair was always done before anyone saw her in the morning. I wonder if I'll ever get succumb to the "get it done every Friday" hair do? I have had a little orphan Annie perm before (given by Grandma Seeg), so I can totally picture it.

This picture is circa 1986 or 1987. I was in the Sierra Sunset Baton Corp and here we are marching down Main Street Reno, NV in the Nevada Day Parade. I can't believe it was that warm at the end of October. I'm the blondie in the front with the excessive bangs. But is what I wanted to really want to show you is how much gas was that week. One can only dream. I have a feeling there are going to be a bunch of flashback pictures on the blog this summer. I think they are so funny.

Oh... and about the post title... our air conditioner and furnace are the originals and are 30 years old. Most of our apartment is west facing and at about 3:00 pm, the sun is glaring right in our bedroom and living room window until sunset. YUCK! I haven't opened the curtains in weeks. What is most sad about this is that our AC can't keep up. Therefor, our apartment is SO HOT! I try not to turn it on until 4:00 pm, but sometimes I cave in. I am not eager for the power bill this month. Last July it was over $200 to cool our 900 square feet. RIDICULOUS! Best yet, the maintenance swears there is nothing wrong. Lame.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I had a fantastic holiday weekend. I got way too much sun, spent too much time outdoors, stayed up too late, ate too much, and had SO MUCH FUN!

While I recover from the sunburn and belly aches, I'll pretend these sweet "Voyces" are singing just to me.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

:: TAGGED ::

{This is me}

Ah... I found myself tagged on Steph's blog. That is what I get for wasting time on the Internet instead of cleaning my house.

5 Things on my list to do today:
1. Take Cohen to swimming (did that already)
2. Sweep & Mop Kitchen floor - (see above paragraph)
3. Finish July 4th breakfast centerpieces
4. Call all of the people who volunteered to slice fruit for July 4th breakfast
5. Fold laundry

{The nectar of the Gods}

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1. Diet Dr. Pepper
2. Rice Krispy Treats
3. Laughing Cow cheese
4. Cheese Sticks
5. Skinny Cow Ice cream cones

{This is when I won a gun}

5 Things I would do if I was a sudden Billionaire:
1. Buy a house
2. Pay off the rest of Mike's student loans
3. Go to Italy with my mom, Sally, and Lauren again
4. Buy books to fill up my library
5. Buy a lot of new fabric and yarn (would I really need to save if I was a billionaire?)

{The Trevi Fountain}

5 Bad Habits:
1. Not hanging up my clean laundry, and letting it sit in a stack too long. (Amen Steph... I have a pile on my bed right now)
2. logging into the computer 1st thing in the morning
3. buying Diet DP at the checkout when I have a 12 pack in my cart.
4. letting Cohen play a little too long on the computer while I am engrossed in a book
5. convincing myself that I need a new item of clothing EVERY time I go to Target.

5 Places I have lived:
1. Forest Hill, CA
2. McCall, ID
3. Carson City, NV
4. St. Anthony, ID
5. Sandy, UT

{This is Lyndsey, my little sister}

5 jobs I have had:
1. Pizza Villa/Big J's Delivery Driver (trained my sister Lyn...her first job ever)
2. 411 Operator
3. Waitress/Hostess at Lamplighter (my first job ever... trained by my sister, jenny)
4. 1-800-Patches
5. cutting fabric and sorting stuff at Piece Goods

5 things most people don't know about me:
1. I over schedule almost every day
2. I can't say no
3. I hoard craft supplies
4. I love Folk Music and can sing all Peter, Paul, & Mary and Kingston Trio songs
5. I cannot fall asleep when I am reading a good book.

PS: I need to get more photos of myself on my hard drive. I am always behind the camera. I'll have to scan in a bunch of oldies (but goodies) someday. Then you'll really learn "5 things you didn't know about me".
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