Friday, January 09, 2009


It is only 9:00 am. We've watched Bakugan and Christmas with the Joker (old Batman cartoons from my childhood). We've had breakfast. He played Bakugan while I checked my email. We've played with and cleaned up the play-dough. He dressed up as Batman. Now he's getting his pirate ship and island out for the next round while I write this blog. Wow - we've only been awake since 7:30. I'm ready for a nap and he wants to go to the zoo.


Jenny B said...

He is one of my favorites too!

Julie Summerhays said...

Good grief - he is a good kid! Busy - but sooooo cute! I want one that knows how to entertain themselves without making complete chaos of my house:) SO far notta!!!

hillary barney said...

I can't believe how big Cohen is getting. he's adorable.

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