Friday, May 08, 2009


Cohen finished his first attempt at organized sports this year with indoor soccer. We put him on a team that was coached by his friend's parents. His favorite buddy, Sam, was also on the team, making it easier to talk him into going.

Most of the time he covered his ears because he thought the refs whistle was too loud. It was funny to watch him walk around clueless with his ears covered. I guess every team has to have one of those kids.

While the game was being played, he enjoyed his time on the bench the most. I think his absolute favorite part of the game was doing the cheer, slapping high-5, and then getting a treat. He really just loved being part of the team and he had a good time going out every Saturday. Plus, getting a trophy meant he was the best player right? So, maybe it is a good thing that he can't Bend it Like Beckham... it lessens his chance of being an underwear model. Aye Crarumba!


The Kamachi's said...

whoa!! He looks just like a mini Sessions!! What a little stud.

Jenny B said...

He looks just like you in those pictures.

The Driaza Jrs. said...

LOL. I love the links at the end of this post! You're so creative, it makes me just laugh. Of course your Beckham is such a cutie! lol.

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